• Life is not what you expect

    Life is not what you expect

    When you embrace something as your own, but it’s one sided, when you embrace a community as your own, without knowing what, where, how, but the community doesn’t embrace you the same way it hurts, it hurts real bad. When you give your heart, soul, and entire being to a project and make it a…

  • Infinite Love or 1%?

    Infinite Love or 1%?

    Can the worst thing that’s ever happened to you become the best? Can the worst situation you have ever been put through become the one that defines your new empowered life? Can being abandoned, shamed, ridiculed, misled, ill-treated be the behaviours that actually change the course of your destiny. These days when shit happens. I don’t…

  • A relentless lover

    A relentless lover

    Today, as I was walking, I had a hundred thoughts in my head but I also felt my heart wide open, open to any possibility or miracle. Sometimes, I wonder if I live in a dream land. Maybe I do, some parts of my day, especially when I am walking, I do live in a…