Protecting my heart 

I never really thought about protecting my heart. It never even crossed my mind. But then the last few days, I have been thinking of it. My heart is my most precious, priceless possession and if I don’t protect it, who will?  We protect our children, our parents, our loved ones, then why not protect our heart. Because the heart is what brings you closer to all these beautiful people and experiences in your life. How do I protect my heart? I ask myself. I protect my heart by staying away from negativity, by staying away from people who are brash with their words, by staying quiet with people who trigger me. Strangely, these people tend to be the people you’re closest to. Something they say or don’t say, something they do or don’t do triggers something in you and then it’s a slippery slope. But how can I stay away from people whom I love the most or I am closest to? I would think by not having too many heavy conversations with them when the stress levels are high, safeguard your energy by not having conversations which will lead to conflict, no matter how much you want to open your heart out to them, you keep a big chunk of your heart with you, the biggest part of the pie to yourself because my dear these are the people who are going to hurt you the most with the littlest they say. It doesn’t take much. Just a few words here and there, and you have opened yourself up to getting hurt. All these years, I thought you must open up, speak up, pour your heart out, speak your mind with the people you’re closest to but I was wrong. Because these people aren’t the people you should do that with. Find a neutral friend. Find a therapist. Find a mentor. Find a random person and do yourself a favor, pour your heart out with them. Because trust me, it’s way easier. These people won’t trigger you, they won’t hurt you, and your heart is safe and intact. Keep your heart safe with a lock and key. Don’t give the key away to anyone, especially the ones you’re closest to. Love them. Cherish them. Hug them. Adore them. Do whatever but don’t pour out your deepest feelings with them. If you do, then be prepared that you might get hurt. But if you keep the distance, if you only speak with them when necessary, trust me you will live a much happier and saner, and peaceful life. Leave the deep dark secretive stuff to a stranger, a neutral friend or to yourself or put it out there in the universe, have a conversation with God.

Protect your heart. When you do that, you protect your soul. Your heart is the most precious part of you. Don’t give it away so easily. Keep it in safe custody. 

My heart is precious 

Your heart is precious 

Protect it. Care for it. Love it like no other.

A heart that can be broken to pieces

A heart that can be wide open, so wide open

A heart that can be shot with a hundred bullets 

This heart my dear is your most priceless asset

Protect it from the people you love the most

Give them a piece of it but keep the bigger chunk to yourself 

This little you show them is enough

You don’t have to give them a huge chunk

My heart is precious

Your heart is precious 

Protect it. Care for it. Love it. Love it so much that as you do your heart starts to flutter. 

Don’t cause more pain than what your heart can endure. 

Your heart is all you have. It’s your secret door to God. It’s your one and only path to feel the divine in every cell of your body. So don’t give it away so easily. Protect it. Protect it. Protect it. 

Lots of love,

Miss Light

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