There are very few times in life where you will be given the opportunity to hear a teaching like this one. A teaching that says, there is no ground to fall on, there is nothing to hold onto, there is nothing to cling onto, there is nothing out there. You presume and assume that you’re being held but in reality there is nothing out there. You’re on your own. You came into this world alone and you will die alone. In between these two life events, you cling onto things in your life to feel secure and so you assume there is a ground. You assume you’re the one making the decisions, you’re the one doing everything, you assume you’re being held by your parents, teachers, life partners, but in reality this is an illusion because there is no ground. There is no one but you. You can keep swinging between these two poles, ground and groundlessness but eventually you will realise it’s all you. You’re all you ever had and the sooner you get this down your spine the better. Stop clinging to teachers, teachings, and loved ones and find your inner strength from within. Once you do that, you don’t need anyone or anything. Everything else is just a bonus in your life whether you have it or you don’t doesn’t effect your inner core, your inner peace. My teacher calls this interdependence. We all need to reach this state of interdependence. So, you can keep oscillating between being dependent and independent and a time will come when you will reach the state of interdependence. How does it feel when you hear me tell you that there is no ground? You’re free falling every day of your life hoping to reach the ground, when in reality there isn’t a ground. So, the next time you catch yourself clinging to your partner, stop. The next time you see yourself clinging to your child, stop. The next time you see yourself clinging to your parents, teacher, stop. What kind of security do you want? They can’t make you feel secure in anyway. You have to do it yourself. Yes, these people can help you, guide you, be there for you if they have the time, but in the end you have to do the work. No one can do it for you. You have to realise that in the final analysis it’s between you and God. Between you and the higher power. Between you and the universe. All these other people are just guests in your small universe. Nothing more. Nothing less. A groundless reality. A reality where nothing is permanent. Everything is changing constantly. There is no where to hold and no where to find centre.

Sometimes, try this, just sit on the ground and feel the ground beneath your feet. How does it feel? Do you feel supported? Do you feel like you’re being held? Now, imagine the ground crack opens, now what? How does it make you feel? Well, that’s life. There is no ground. You’re constantly falling with no where to hold.

One of my favorite quotes from my teacher, which changed my life forever. I think all his teachings have changed my life because I have deep rooted it in every cell of my being that it’s become second nature for me and from this has arisen a new me, a new state of being.

“Everything is changing,” is not intended to be an affirmation, it needs to be an ongoing immediate recognition. – Nithya Shanti

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