Have you ever committed to something, anything, nothing? We all do right. We love to make those commitments. They make us come alive and give us a boost in our confidence. Like, “You can do it, you’re so good, you will reach your goal.” And then somewhere along the line, life happens, and your commitment to the activity or person takes a back seat. Who takes the front seat then? Something else, someone else comes in the way of you and your commitment. Does that mean you go astray? Does that mean you say, “**** it, I can’t stick to anything. I am not good at sticking to anything.” or Instead you could tell yourself something like this. “Dear Miss Light, I know you committed to doing this in the new year but then you got caught up with some other commitments but that doesn’t mean you cannot restart. It’s okay to recommit. It’s alright to go off course for a while. This doesn’t make you a bad person. Now that you’re aware, you can restart, you can recommit.” Doesn’t saying this just make you feel less bad about yourself? Talk to yourself like you talk to a best friend. Think of yourself as a moving car, a moving car wont always stay on its course, it might sometimes go left or right, stop to pick up something, recharge by filling petrol, but eventually the car does get back on track to reach its destination. Then why should we belittle ourselves when we don’t stick to our commitments? Why do we only look at the destination and not realise the journey will always have some turning points, some pot holes, some mishaps and that’s alright.

But be clear of your goal. See where you want to reach, visualise it, dream it, become it and keep coming back to your path. The longer you have diverged from the path, the longer it’s going to take you to come back. But if you’ve just taken a small diversion, coming back to the road isn’t so difficult. My teacher Nithya says, there are no problems, there are only situations. So, nothing is a problem, everything is a situation and you can navigate any situation in your life with ease, only if you decide to do it. Byron Katie says, reality is kinder than the stories we tell. What ruins it for us is our imagination. Don’t let your imagination go hay wire, instead come back, return to source, return to the starting point again no matter how many times you’ve failed and as you keep doing it day after day, you won’t be able to go off path for too long. You will realise the magic lies in staying committed. The magic lies in staying committed to a relationship and not jumping from one person to another, the magic lies in taking the longer route, the magic lies in failing and then getting back up every single time.

So, the next time you fail in your commitments, wake up, rise up, and say it loud and clear to yourself, “It’s okay, Nothing is lost, You’re where you need to be” and start. Start again. A new day. A fresh start. And say good bye to your poor imagination and stories.

And so, it’s only been a week to the new year and so we might be going off track with our resolutions and intentions. Remind yourself every time you do that you can always restart where you left off. Nothing is lost. Nothing is lost.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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