What if I told you it’s fine to dream? It’s okay to dream within this dream. How does that make you feel? Lighter? More free? More at ease? Today, as I was questioning myself of not being present in the present, my teacher told me it’s fine. It’s fine if I am dreaming, it’s fine if I am having a desire, if I am visualizing all my future successes, it’s all good. And because I am doing this, I am sometimes not present with the people in front of me. I am dazed and spaced out. I am taking all my roles less seriously. I have become very relaxed about everything. I am literally here but not here. I am with you but not with you. Yes, I am in some sort of fantasy land. A Disney land I have created in my heart and soul, where I am playing this beautiful character and I am becoming famous and I am making you laugh and I am going places and I am achieving things, small things, big things, sometimes nothing and I am loving and laughing and spreading happiness. I feel like I am floating in the sky. Am I trying to reach the moon and the stars? Yes, at some level I am. Will I reach? I am not sure but I have started to dream about it and I love dreaming about it and  visualizing about all these amazing things that will happen in my life. And this time around it will happen with not too much struggle, it will flow into my life. I will do the hardwork or as my teacher says the “heartwork” and everything will come to me. I won’t go anywhere. I will just follow my heart and listen to my inner voice and be guided at every step. I trust that I will be guided and so the best will happen. The best is yet to come.

A beautiful place and space to be in. These are the big changes in life that make even the smallest of changes that happen around you priceless, where you suddenly start to notice every small thing, an ant crawling, the bird chirping, the leaves falling from the sky, where you learn to appreciate all the tiny specks out there. Nothing goes unnoticed. Everyone has a story, no matter how small or big.  

Grateful for this space. Grateful for all the blessings. Grateful for being given this chance. Grateful that I am alive today to witness this twist in fate, this turning point in my life, this dead end that wasn’t really a dead end but it just appeared like one from a distance.

Eternally grateful!

Lots of love,

Miss Light

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