Resistance means the refusal to accept or comply with something. or you can put it this way, imagine you’re an object and you have been struck by electricity and you are resisting this, of course you will because you don’t want to die but what if you actually stop resisting it and allow the current to pass into every cell of your being. Now what happens? You stop resisting this electricity. You become one with it. You’re ready to die and give your life, thats what is meant to happen. You let go of control.

As I was reading Pema Chodron’s book today, Start where you are, I was moved to write about what she was talking. She says, the first step to overcoming any kind of resistance is to go all in, is to let go off your ego, is your willingness to dive straight into the fire, is to give as much as you can to the practice knowing very well it might burn you. Release your resistance. Stop asking questions. Screw the doubts and just dive into the practice. If you’re going through a difficult situation in your life, go straight in with some kind of daring. Pema says, when you give into the practice you let go of hope and fear, you let go of everything, you actually stop holding onto anything. You’re ready to fall, free fall with no ground to reach. My teacher taught me this. You live each day like you’re falling with no ground to fall on. You overcome resistance to anything in life by doing this. Just give in. Give in to the experience, the work, the project, the teaching, the teacher, the practice, the exercise or just anything under the sun. Tell your analytical or intellectual mind to stay quiet for a bit because if it starts to bring in logic into the situation when you’re literally in it, you will resist the situation in front of you. When something is uncomfortable thats when you need to drop the resistance. A few months ago my friend, my guide, my teacher, Radhika Singh made me write these two words in different places in my room on a piece of paper, RELEASE RESISTANCE. I did it diligently and I think the magic has worked. Yes, there are times I resist a thought, or I want something or I want to grasp onto something but I quickly let go, I have quickly learnt to give in, to release the resistance to the thought that is gripping me. So if I have to cry, I cry. If I have to be angry, I be angry. If I have to suffer, for a while I suffer. I give in completely. I open up completely. I don’t shut down. If you have to love someone you don’t like too much, go all in and love them, release the resistance and see how you feel. If you want to hate them, release the resistance and hate them and see how you feel.

Thank you to my teachers Nithya Shanti, Radhika Singh and Pema Chodron. Teachings and practices from them that are timeless and priceless, making me who I am today and for a better tomorrow.

And before I end, I would like to say, start where you are as Pema Chodron says, you don’t have to climb mount Everest today but you can start, you can release the resistance to your thought that says you can’t do it. RELEASE THE RESISTANCE. Open up, don’t shut down and see the magic unfold.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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