Marriage is companionship. Marriage is a social arrangement, a contract that binds two people together. It is a space where you and me are in each other’s faces a little, a little too much, and sometimes a little too too much. Marriage is freedom to express yourself to this one person the way you want to. Marriage is having a joint vision together, even if you have separate visions, you come together at some point. Marriage is love, arguments, irritation, anger, sadness, chaos, madness, craziness, joy, and every emotion ever defined in the dictionary. Marriage is when two different souls come together to create one more magical soul. Marriage is a place where you can scream, vent, scream, vent, discuss, argue, over many many things. Marriage is a binding. It binds two people together even if they don’t want to be bound. Marriage is open communication. Marriage is to love, to let be, to allow, to care, to share, and to be. Marriage is to you what you are to me. Marriage means sleeping on one bed even on days when you don’t want to. Marriage means sex anytime anywhere, really?. Marriage is to give yourself completely to another person but in the bargain, be sure to keep a big chunk of yourself to you. Don’t give all of you. Keep the most important parts to yourself. Marriage is to have someone by your side in your most trying moments whether you like it or no, want it or not. Marriage is to have someone with you in sickness and in health forever till death do us apart. Marriage is to sit with someone day in and day out on the same table for different meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, seriously?. Marriage is like food, sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, sometimes sour, sometimes a mix of all this and sometimes none of this. Marriage is enjoyed in the grey area, and cannot be understood in black or white. Marriage cannot be defined. You find your own definition.

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