You want the happy parts but not the sad parts of life. You want to fall in love and enjoy the butterflies and fairy tales but you don’t want to deal with the messy love. You want me to laugh, smile, be happy and merry but you don’t think being sad, grumpy, irritated, angry is okay. You want to marry but you don’t want to deal with the shit that comes with marriage. You want to be born but you don’t want to die. You want to fly but you don’t want to sky dive. You want the light but you don’t want the darkness. You want the big house but you don’t want to deal with the responsibility of taking care of it. You want the community but you don’t want to do the work. You want to have kids but you don’t want to take the pains of raising one. You want the whole cake but you feel bad if you don’t share. You want to eat the wrong food but you don’t want to fall sick. You want to do all the wrong stuff to screw up your health but you don’t want to land up in a hospital. You want to dance but you don’t like it if someone comments negatively on your dancing style. You want to be famous but you don’t want to deal with the stuff that comes with being famous. You want everything but you pretend you want nothing. You want the best car but you don’t want to spend on maintenance of the car. You want to have good parents but you don’t want to be good children. You want your parents to be good grand parents but you want to control how they behave with your children. You want to live a minimalistic life but you end up buying so many minimalistic things. You want a new phone but you don’t want to deal with the transition of dealing with understanding a new phone. Thank you Apple! There can be so many more contradictions to life. The list is endless.

I think all of us or at least some of us fall prey to the above. I do. I am guilty for doing a few things. As the famous saying goes, you want to have the cake and eat it too. And so as my teacher said in a recent session, you can’t just have one part of the stick, you need to have the whole stick, the good, the bad and the ugly parts. That’s how life is. You can’t just want the good parts. There is a price to pay for every damn thing in life whether we like it or we don’t.

My teacher, Nithya Shanti in a playful way said, If you take the whole stick, you’ll become a mystic. He is quite witty for he comes up with these one liners every now and then and I am famous for quickly noting it down. It’s always a joy learning from him because he makes the most serious topic into a fun one. His favorite rule is to not take life too seriously and so I try each day, each moment to do it but I FAIL miserably and then I start again.

Love & Light,

Miss Light

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