It’s 11:11. yay! What shall we do? Stare into these numbers on your phone, on a bus, on a number plate. And? Just stare into it and see what it is trying to tell you. It’s trying to push you in some direction. Which direction? I am not sure. But these numbers that you see aren’t just some random numbers. They have a deeper meaning. You will need to look into your life and see. Maybe it’s time you change a behavior, or a habit, maybe it’s time to walk out of a marriage, or a relationship, maybe it’s time you introspect into what you’re really doing with your life. Maybe, God, Higher Power wants you to make some shifts and for that to happen, you ca’t ignore these numbers, don’t make it bigger than what it is but it’s definitely pointing you in some direction. You will have to find that direction. Sometimes, you will see these numbers for a few days and months and then they will stop. This doesn’t mean that these numbers don’t mean a thing. It means you’re on the right path. Maybe you started working towards your purpose and so these numbers don’t need to keep showing up. Maybe, it’s time for you to move upwards and so you will see a different set of numbers, so then don’t ignore these signs and synchronicities. They’re here for you. It’s universes’s way of telling you something and only you can help find what it is. So, take a break from everyone and everything. Do your usual chores but at the back of your head, these numbers should steer you in a new direction of life. Don’t ignore it.

Soon, you will notice, you’re a new person. You have changed. You have transformed and it was all because of these signs. You listened to the signs and you took some steps. I am not sure if you took the steps or the universe took them on your behalf but what had to be done is done. You changed course. You took the road less travelled and now it’s a new life, a new beginning, a new you.

Love & Light,

Miss Light

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