We have all learnt to hone your intuition. Listen to your intuition. Be with that intuition. Listen to your inner voice. It’s telling you something. Listen to it carefully. But I am here to tell you something else, screw the intuition.

What is intuition?

a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Where does the feeling come from? From your gut? I am assuming it comes from the gut, thats why it’s called gut feeling. But what if this feeling sometimes strays you into places you never even dreamt of going. It’s making you astray. But everyone around you is telling you to listen to it, so you keep listening to it and honing it and understanding it and deciphering it. But I am here to tell you today, you must screw this damn intuition. Sometimes in life, its best to screw things right before they even start to boil. So, in this case, screw the damn intuition before it even begins to show up in your gut. Cut the cords. Cut it at the root.

I know you’re wondering, why. How can she say this? Has she lost her mind? She is the only one who is telling me to do this. Remember, I said sometimes. Only sometimes in your life you should do it. Because you aren’t ready or even if you’re ready, the universe isn’t ready to give you what you want. So then you have two options, keep fighting with this higher self about your inner voice or just screw it and kill it for the time being. Don’t worry. You will get it back when the time is right but right now just let it be.

Who said you have to become this evolved being? Who said you have to figure out yourself today? Take a break from all this. Be a child. Do the things you did when you were a child. Sit on a swing. Dance around. Tumble and fall. Make funny faces. Make cards, and art, and paint, and love, and scream and throw some tantrums. But screw the intuition for a bit. Just for a bit.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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