Let’s get to the root of this depression. 10 mg? 15 mg? 20 mg? Serotonin. It’s just serotonin. We all have it in our brains. Don’t worry you won’t get addicted to the high it gives you. Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure Doctor? You just trust your doctor and go with the flow or out of the flow or into the flow. Because you’re so damn low. You feel like a piece of crap moving through life. So, then you just take the damn pill. You swallow it day in and day out and then slowly you start to see butterflies, and love, and beauty and joy and life is perfect. But then suddenly, something happens. What happened? A huge wave came over you and washed your entire being. And now you are drenched and soaked with water. Who is going to help you change? No one. You have to change yourself. But just imagine, you’re stuck in the middle of the ocean and you need to reach the shore. You will have to learn to swim the high tides. You will have to ask for help along the way, maybe a boat, maybe a ship. But you can’t see anyone in the distance. So then you just wait. You float around for a while. But then there is a huge wave again and you get washed and drenched all over again. You were already wet but now you’re just more wet, so who cares? That’s depression for you. It creeps in slowly and slowly and then takes over your entire being. And mostly, even if people are around you, you don’t want to ask for help. You want to figure this out on your own. And you can. Who said you can’t? But before you think of figuring it out on your own. Just stay with the experience. Stay with this low feeling. Let it move through your entire body and soul. Stay with the sadness and hurt and traumas and everything else that’s bothering you. Let’s tackle each of these issues, one by one. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t put yourself down. Just love yourself a little. Just a little. Now, take one issue, did someone disrespect you? Did someone say something to hurt you? Has someone hurt you so much that you feel broken? Where is this sadness coming from? You have to check for yourself and get to the root of it. Sit with the sadness for a day, few days, but get to the root. Once you’ve found the root, pull it out. Just pull it out from the ground. You will feel a sense of relief. One down and 99 more to go. Who said this would be easy? You can go to a therapist, A teacher, A parent and Sob a little or a lot. But then no one can help you as much as you can help yourself. That’s why I am saying, take one issue at a time and start to go deep into it. Work with it like you work on a project. Work with it with all of you, not half of you. Soon, you will reach the other side and the issue will no more be an issue, it’s gone. It’s really gone. One by one, all these issues will be gone and what will be left is you. Who are you? You’re nothing. And when you’re nothing. Nothing can trouble you. Nothing can bother you. Nothing can sadden you or upset you. Okay. Even if they do, you will know how to get it out of your system and not play games with it. Don’t play games with all these feelings that are just out to depress you. Feel it. Talk to it. And then say Good Bye. Good Bye! A warm nice, cozy hug but Good Bye.

My teacher says, it’s not your anger, or their anger, or my anger, anger is just anger. So, I am going to change it a little. It’s not your depression, or my depression, or their depression, depression is just depression. Don’t personalise it and make it yours. Keep it at a distance and you will work through it.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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