How angry are you? Check. A little? Check again. A lot? A whole lot? Who are you angry with? You, the world, your family, your teacher? Check. Anyone else on your list of people whom you want to scream at. Do you feel like killing them? Well, then kill them. Kill them from your system once and for all. Let them go. Let them free and you also become free. How long will you hold onto these people, these experiences, this life, just everything? Don’t you want to feel free? Don’t you want to feel freedom? Freedom from all these struggles. A freedom fighter. A true freedom fighter who isn’t scared to die, who isn’t scared to shake the damn system, who isn’t scared to chop everything off from the root. Be that. You have it in you to be that. Just recognise it. Once you recognise it. You are that. Nothing less. Nothing more. Now sit with that anger. Walk with that anger. Dance with that anger. And scream. Scream so loud that the Gods, if they even exist can hear you. Now? Is that all? Yes that’s all. Get all this crap, and goo, and filth, and anger, and tantrums, and sadness, and every damn thing that’s pulling you down out of your system into the nothingness. Thank you teacher for these words. Into the nothingness that it’s come from. And you’re free. You’ll feel free. You will feel joy, you will feel ecstasy, you will feel bliss. Hold onto this feeling because it will go away as soon as it came. But for now hold onto it. Let it breathe with you. And so it is. And so it is.

Love & Light,

Miss Light

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