When life pushes you to the edge, the edge of the mountain, the dead end on a road, stranded on an empty island, the corner of a cliff overlooking an ocean, what do you do? Where do you go from there? Is there anywhere to even go? So, stay at these points, the edge, the dead end, the corner, just stand there, sit there, jump there, dance there for a while. It’s fine. No body is telling you to jump just yet. Okay, You don’t want to jump? Do you want to turn back? Look behind then. What do you see? Do you like all the things you see at the back? Do you want to go back there? To the same shit, the same life, the same old teachings, the same old madness, the same old emotions and feelings and just the same old shit all over again. You can. Who is stopping you? But what if you could sit on the fence for a little while and watch both ways, the way forward and the way backward? How amazingly beautiful is that? Who said you’ve to take all the decisions of life now? Live life sitting on the fence. Don’t take that decision now. Just sit. Look behind, say Hello! Look ahead, and be curious. But you just sit. Sit in silence. Sit in noise. Sit in commotion. Sit in everything. If you’re tired, just stand for a bit but go back to sitting.

And then one day, you will have to decide. That’s the way it is built. You can’t sit on this edge for too long. There will be storms, and rain, and heat waves, and you will be washed away if you don’t decide to go back or move forward, so you decide today my love, where do you want to go? There is no right or wrong here, it’s all upto you. You listen to your inner voice and your heart and see whats coming for you and you do just that. Just that.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Are you ready to jump? Are you ready to run? Are you ready for the new life that awaits you? or Do you want to go back? Do you feel better with the old people and old ways? Think. Introspect. Take your time but the time has come for you to take that plunge.

What lies ahead? Who knows, right? No one knows. Everyone and everything just talks from their experience. Their small world view. But you can make your own world view. Your world view might be the most exhilarating, amazing, breathtaking. beautiful, loving view ever made and then your view will become the world view. So, take the plunge. Don’t be afraid to fall or die. We all do anyway. Don’t live life on the edge forever. It’s no fun! The real fun begins when you dive right in. Dive right in.

Lots of Love & Blessings,

Miss Light

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