What if you grew up with a famous mother? What if as you moved along in life you had this inner yearning to be famous because you grew up with a famous mother? When I was 13, my teacher asked me, What would you like to become when you grow up? I said, ” I want to be known by my name and not my mother’s.” I want people around me to say, “Look who has come, that’s Miss Light’s mother and not the other way round.” I am not sure where this thought came from but all my life I would be very curious about being famous because my mom is. She is so famous in the little town I grew up in. Everyone and everything knew her and still continue to do. She’s like a role model to many women in the city. She was famous in her school, in college, and even at work. But me? Well, I was a loner. I was not known because I never spoke for the longest time in my life. Not anymore but there was a time where I never spoke. But life experiences finally made me open up. I was forced to open up and talk and make friends. Because if I didn’t, would end up alone. When you move to a new city at the age of 18, when you again move to another country at the age of 23, well then you better speak up and network and make friends and be accommodating. But sometimes, when you do all of this, you lose your essence because you’re becoming like all these people, you try to fit in with everyone and everything and that’s what I did for many years of my life. I am so good at moulding myself that I just did that. Wherever I went, I became them. I became that person. Not 100% but I was quite good at merging with the crowd. I was also very good at wearing different hats. I can be something with you, and something else with someone else. This way I never made anyone feel out of place. I could make friends very easily and people enjoyed my company. But then was I famous? I was in my own little way, I think. People remember my name, when I meet them after years. I don’t remember theirs but they do. So, maybe I did carry this famous streak with me wherever I went, I just didn’t notice it. My mom gave it to me. I just didn’t think I had it me. Is this enough? Am I famous enough? or Do I want more? I am not sure actually. I am not looking for it anymore. It doesn’t bother me anymore. I am fine where I am. I am enjoying what I do and in the process if I do become famous, well then as my teacher says, “Bring it on.” But I am not going looking for anything. I am not finding it. It’s going to find me. I am just sitting here, writing, singing, dancing, playing, being the crazy me, and if all of this makes me famous, oh well then why not! and if it doesn’t and I don’t get noticed, then I am fine with that too. Everything is fine these days, well mostly.

So, check in your life, have you ever wanted to be famous?

Until next time,

Miss Light

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