Inspired by Janice Pariat – 12th December, 2022, Instagram Post, Author of the book, Everything the Light Touches.

Have you ever tried to do absolutely nothing? Where do you start? Where do you end? Should you go to the nearest beach and sit by the ocean? Is that doing nothing? You’re still staring into the ocean, thinking a few thoughts, dreaming of your lover, so then how are you so sure you’re doing absolutely nothing? Okay. Let’s restart. Find yourself an empty room. A room with four walls and you, that’s it. Now, we are talking. Wear the most basic clothes, it could be black or white or somewhere in between these two colors, maybe grey. Don’t make it too colorful. Now, look into the wall in front of you, to the right of you and left of you. I know you’re dying to turn around. Turn around and look at the back. What do you see? Nothing. It’s all the same. So, let’s begin. Let’s begin to do absolutely nothing. You, the walls, and? And nothing, don’t you get it? Nothing. We are here to do nothing, be nothing, become nothing, change nothing. You just be nothing. This isn’t going to be easy. You’re going to want to think a few thoughts, dream of that beautiful holiday, dream of your cute child, or your adorable lover, or that yummy food you just ate, or that argument you had with someone, its fine. Come back to nothing. Imagine nothing. What do you see when you imagine yourself as nothing? What do you think when you think of your thoughts as nothing? What do you feel when you see your heart centre as nothing? It’s a beautiful, magnificent place to be. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone or anything. You don’t have to be this or that. You don’t have to love or not love. You don’t have to be or not be. You’re nothing. How can you do any of this then? Do you feel like opening your eyes? Well, open it and stare into the wall in front of you. If it’s an empty wall, you wont see anything. You will see nothing and then you can close your eyes again or open it, it’s your wish. But for once in your life be nothing. Don’t run after the hundred and one holiday plans, ideas, people, for once in your life be content with sitting in this room all by yourself. Do it everyday. Do it everyday for a few days, then a few months, then a few years. Not the whole day but for a short while in a day.

And tell me how you felt? Tell me all your feelings and desires and hatred and love and everything else you felt. Message me. Comment below. Just tell me what happened when you did nothing. I am telling you, you will discover so much about yourself that you will be amazed. You will have the courage to move mountains, and dive into the deep ocean, and you will be born again. A new birth. A new you.

A poem by Barbara Kingsolver

How to do absolutely nothing?

Rent a house near the beach, or a cabin

but: Do not take your walking shoes.

Don’t take any clothes you’d wear

anyplace anyone would see you.

Don’t take your rechargeables.

Take scrabble if you have to,

But not a dictionary and no

pencils for keeping score.

Don’t take a cookbook

or anything to cook.

A fishing pole, ok

but not the line,

hook, sinker,

leave it all.

Find out what’s left.

Lots of love,

Miss Light

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