Have you ever wondered about all the different roles you play in your life? The role of a friend, a wife, a parent, a daughter, a daughter in law, an employee, a boss, a teacher, a student, the list can be endless sometimes. So many different roles played by one person. Sometimes, you’re jumping from one role to another in a matter of minutes. It’s like someone has put you on a fast train of life where you are supposed to play these different roles and as you play it, you’re expected to do it well. Don’t scream. Don’t shout. Be Kind. You’re being watched. Phew! Too much pressure for one person to be a certain way, behave a certain way and do a certain way. Why do we get caught up in so many roles and responsibilities? My teacher Nithya Shanti says, take these roles lightly. Don’t hold onto these roles tightly. In fact don’t hold onto anything tightly. When you hold onto any relationship or any role tightly, it is bound to get back at you someday. Play your role like you’re playing a game. It’s just a game. The game of life. And so, who said you have to play it perfectly? Fuck it up sometimes. Say the wrong stuff. Be vulnerable. Show people your true colours. Don’t hide behind your mask for too long. It’s not going to be a good life then. You’re living a lie. Play your roles but be authentic to yourself and the role itself. Who made these roles anyway? Who decided these tag names? Why do I have to play them? Why can’t I just glide through them? Do your bit and then take a back seat. To get caught up in these roles means getting caught up in the matrix. And that’s like giving yourself a free invitation to hell. You can’t complain then. You can’t play blame games. You’re choosing to get caught up. So then, don’t get caught up. Keep your distance from everyone and everything. Be loving. Be caring. But keep your distance. No matter who you’re dealing with. That’s the key to playing these roles well. These roles that have been passed onto us. We didn’t even ask for it. But we are supposed to play them well. And sometimes you might lose the game, you might fail miserably, but that’s fine too. Start again. We can always start again, right? So, then why break your bone, back, and everything else in between to play these roles perfectly.

I have also come to realise that these roles are not me. They are not me. I am playing a part in them. Thats all. I am playing my part. But I am more than these roles. I am much more than all of this. So much that even I am in awe sometimes. There is so bloody much to me than all these funny roles I have been assigned. These days even if I am playing the part in my role, I detach myself from it. I look at it from a distance. I am literally laughing at myself while playing the role. This way I don’t take myself too seriously. I am quite unpredictable anyway. I am amazing myself these days, every moment of the day. I am gliding, floating through life.

When people intrude into my personal space, I can be very mean. No matter who the person. Because sometimes, just sometimes, I don’t want to play any of these roles. I just want to be with myself and do my own thing. I don’t want to be a wife, a mother, a daughter, a student. I want to be nothing. Just nothing. A bloody nobody. I love being this nobody. For heaven sake, let me be this nobody who knows nothing, who does nothing, who just stares into open space, day dreams her way through the day, and just wants to be. Just be. Just be.

The roles you play,

The roles you play.

Oh! My My!

So many roles to play.

Play them safe. Play them well.

Play them with ease. Play them with a smile.

But every once in a way.

Screw up. Screw up the bloody roles.

Don’t play them. Just play nothing.

Play the role of nothing.

Scream. Cry. Be crazy.

Don’t worry about everyone else.

They won’t get you. You play the role of nothing.

Oh! The roles you play. The roles you play.

Until next time,

Miss Light

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