My teacher, Nithya Shanti on a recent call told us to imagine that we were a rope, a rope tied to the ceiling thats been twisted, twisted, and continues to be twisted every moment. What if you leave it? What if you let it go? What happens? It unfurls, uncoils, unravels, unwinds, untwists, coming back to its original shape, straightens out and is finally still. Imagine if you’re this rope, and people, experiences, life twists and twists and twists you over days, months, and years. You’re a twisted ball of fire! You’re a twisted rugged rope! Now what? Do you continue to be this twisted rope? or Do you try to untwist? Sometimes you do it, sometimes people come into your life who help you unfurl. Allow it to happen. Allow it to happen slowly. This is very important for you to reach your natural state, your natural state of stillness. It’s not easy. It’s going to be a bit painful. Years and years of baggage, traumas, memories, feelings, and emotions is packed up inside of you but you need to uncoil, unburden, and unravel. How long will you be all so coiled up? How long will you curl up and sit in your cocoon? Don’t you want to feel free? Don’t you want to unburden? When you experience it for a while, this stillness and straightening out, it feels so relieving but then sometimes you go back to being twisted again. And then we start to enjoy this twisted state of life, thinking this is reality. But I would say don’t get so comfortable in this state because what you experience when you straighten out is priceless. It’s so enjoyable, and beautiful, and mesmerising to say the least to be in the state of stillness even if it’s just for a while. Try and prolong the state as long as you can. But then again something comes up, someone says something, life throws you in the deep blue sea and you’re caught up, you’re coiled up. At times it could just be a thought, and a thought is enough to twist you up completely and you will feel tight, and suffocated, but then you now know the trick, so get the help needed if you aren’t able to uncoil yourself, speak to someone, breathe; sometimes deep breathing will help you to untwist. And slowly, slowly, and slowly, you will straighten out and be free and taste freedom and stillness and purity and love and so much love and bliss and beauty and everything will make complete sense. Everything will make sense.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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