The last two days have been so eventful for me after the quiet days I was having that today I just needed to come back to my breadth. It’s all I needed. And so, my teacher came to the rescue. Thank God for his box breathing. It helped me come back to center in about an hour of practice with him and I continued to be in a state of stillness even after the call ended. That’s the power of breathing, right and watching yourself breathe. Even though you are around the noise and chatter, there is still a certain stillness within you. It’s quite amazing to be in this space.

Today, as I was on my way to meet a friend, I was feeling this intense pain in my chest area. No idea where it was coming from or what it was trying to tell me. I think I was just a bit worked up. This morning I was all over the place trying to get my daughter to get ready, packing stuff for the day, feeding her breakfast, getting myself ready and leaving on time because I don’t like to keep people waiting. But then sometimes with a child, these things are bound to happen. The person I met had a very very calming presence. It’s like I was meant to meet him because I usually bring this intense and vibrant energy and when I meet people who are so grounded and calm and just peaceful, it makes me want to also be that way for a while. But then as he left and I went onto meet another person, I realised the energy was going away. I met someone who didn’t have a very positive vibe and I could feel the tension. I then went onto to meet an old friend and we spent a few hours talking and by the end of it I was a bit drained. It was exhausting to say the least and then the pain in my chest area came back to haunt me. My breath was shallow. I was a bit irritable. I snapped at the driver when he tried to make a conversation with me. I was feeling imbalanced.

But then my teacher started his session and I just trusted that he would make me feel better and he did like always. Watching my breadth flow in and out and do the box breathing he taught us made me feel much calmer and centered and just at ease. He then went onto say that there is a higher super power guiding you every moment of your life, notice it. These days I do feel guided on every aspect of my life. It’s quite magical to feel this way but when he said it today I really felt like it’s so. He said, “Trust me when I say it, you’re being guided., Trust me, even if you aren’t able to believe it yourself.” This felt so good. I felt like I was being held not only by this super power but also by my teacher. Please Please Hold me!

I am slowly learning to contain my energy and not talk too much. I am realising when I talk a lot these days, it only drains me more, especially if I am talking about the things in my life I am not so happy about. It only makes me feel worse. It’s draining me. It’s exhausting me at many levels.

My teacher said this many times on the call today, “You’re not breathing. You’re being breathed”. He said notice, at all times there is something still and dynamic in your presence, You’re still while the breadth in you is dynamic. You’re talking while inside of you there is a certain stillness. At all times, these opposites are present within you. Notice it.

When my teacher talks, I get lost in his words and lose all sense of time and space. I feel one with him, one with life, one with everything.


Miss Light

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