So, yesterday my husband called me from another city and said, “I need a hug” and I thought to myself, oh well. I have been dying for a hug for the last many months. Sometimes, so much that I would cry myself to sleep and just put my arms around myself. I told him that. I said, I am not with you, so why don’t you try hugging yourself tonight? He didn’t get me and so I left it there. Today, it got me thinking that sometimes we need a hug so much but no one is around us and even if someone is they don’t realise that you need one. So, what do you do then? Well, you hug yourself so tight because you’re all you ever had to begin with and you’re all you will ever have to end with. But hugs are so powerful, as a child I hated them. I would keep to myself. and even after I got married, I wouldn’t really hug my husband and over the years I just stopped doing it except when I held my baby for the first time. That was like bliss. That was like one huggable human right there and so even till today, I hug her many many times during the day and I feel it and she feels it too. She doesn’t leave home without hugging me and so she is the most special human ever made for me and I love her to bits and love hugging her. But these days, I like hugging a few people, not everyone. Sometimes, I randomly go and hug my husband at 2 AM and that’s it. I go back to sleep then. Those hugs are the best when you least expect it, not the planned ones. Sometimes, I dream of magical hugs. Sometimes, I dream of being held by someone. Sometimes, I dream that life is holding onto me and will not let me break down this time. A few months ago, I was on a retreat and I had just stopped talking about a difficult phase in my life and this lady came up to me and said I think you need a hug and she gave me one and I was so touched. I have never felt so special and so loved. That moment was priceless and it’s etched in my memory forever. So, the next time you’re with people, notice, look around, sometimes people need that hug, they might not tell you, but they need it so give it to them. If you’re intuitive, you will sense it. And go give your mom, dad, child, husband a hug randomly, when they least expect it. Not the boring Good Bye and Hello hugs. That’s always a given.

Give a hug to someone when they least expect it. Jump right in and say, I think you need a hug.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

Hugs from me to you!

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