Read the title again. I picked up these words from my teacher, Nithya Shanti’s session last night. It’s like I wait for him to say something that I can remember and write about it here. And then I laugh about how crazy I can be. It’s like he is my inspiration to write about something deeper and really get to the depth of something without beating around the bush. Swoosh. Go dive in, Miss Light. He uses this phrase quite a bit actually, dissolve into the nothingness. He says, First bring it into your consciousness and then return it back to the nothingness from where it came from. What should you bring in? It could be anything. Basically, we are all nothing. We come from nothing and we go to nothing. In between these two nothings, we try to be something and everything. We also try and become this something and everything. We embody it so much that we lose touch with the fact that we came from nothing and we will return to nothing. How fascinating, right! Sometimes, I like to imagine myself really dissolving into the nothingness, it’s like a meditation in itself. Imagine yourself getting crumbled into tiny tiny tiny pieces, atoms and dissolving into space and boom you’re gone. You’ve vanished into the nothingness of space. Come find me!

If all of this is about nothing, then why do we break our bones and back so much to become something all our life. Why can’t we do everything from this state of nothingness? Because when you do this, you don’t get attached to anything. You realise you’re nothing, this thing you’re running after is nothing, and eventually all of this will also dissolve into nothing. So, then relax, take a deep breadth and enjoy every moment without getting caught up in the drama of life.

Found this on google, as I was writing,

What is nothing in the universe?

With no particles or antiparticles, no matter or radiation, no identifiable quanta of any type in your Universe, all you’d have left is the void of empty space itself. To some, that’s the true scientific definition of “nothingness.”

Does nothingness have energy?

In classical physics, a field’s value can be zero everywhere so that it has no influence and contains no energy.

This topic seems to be quite wide and scientists have written endless articles on the concept of nothing. But for all of us, my teacher says, come back to that zero state. Start everything in your life with the zero state in mind. When you do that. you will be fascinated yourself with what comes out of you. So, the next time you start something, a new project, a new business, a new idea, before you give a talk, start from this state of nothingness and once you’re done with your work for the day, dissolve into the nothingness again. Let it go. Be free. Travel Light.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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