Say Hello to Mad Girl 101!

When your periods and the full moon come on the same day, you know you’re in for one amazing rollercoaster of a ride, a few days before and also on the d-day. It’s been funny seeing me this way. Today I feel a bit relaxed than the last two days where I was all over the place, my emotions were all over the place and I was crying for no damn reason at all. At one moment, I felt like running away and giving it all up. Last night, I could have just exploded and so I warned my husband to not say a word. Just switch off the lights and allow me to sleep. I was restless through the night and these days when I am restless I see my husband waking up and doing the same. And on days like this, I really wish I had a separate room to myself. It’s like something I really wish for now. A place where I can do what I want to do and just be by myself without someone else constantly hovering around me and telling me to sleep or not look at my phone. Honestly, I haven’t understood this whole moon cycle and why it’s affecting me so much the past few months. It’s like something takes over my entire being and I lose control of myself. Not like I am any less dramatic on the other days but the days around the new/full moon and my periods falling around that time drives me up the wall. I could snap at anyone. I could really speak my mind to anyone not worrying who they’re or where they’ve come from. I usually speak my mind but on these days I am more fearless than ever before. It’s quite unbelievable when I look at myself like this. From the shy, innocent, quiet ten year old, I have turned into a crazy, fearless, beautiful, awesome, angry, irritable woman! Hah! Talk about putting myself on a pedestal. I usually put other people on one but today it feels great to put myself on a pedestal. Especially when I am feeling so blah, my back hurts, my stomach hurts, and at some levels I am feeling this immense love and excitement for life and on some levels I am yearning for something, something magnificent to happen in my life.

I am also looking forward to a short trip I am going on tomorrow and I haven’t packed even though two sister and husband warned me a few days ago, “please pack, before hand”. Don’t leave it for last minute but I will. But I love packing last minute. I do push myself to the limits but it’s fun. I like living life on the edge. Not knowing whats going to happen next. I love driving to places and getting lost. I love getting lost and enjoying the whole journey of finding myself again. Beautiful inside and out. Crazy inside out. One mad girl inside out.

Until next time,

Miss Light

Ps. I am looking forward to writing some travel blogs the next few days!

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