Have you ever wanted to be a part of a community? Have you ever felt like being instrumental in forming one? Have you ever felt like the only thing you want to do is be a part of a nice vibrant community, where people laugh, love, learn, sing, dance, play games, and do whatever needs to be done for the upkeep of the community. Have you ever felt like running away and being part of a community where you don’t know anyone? You start fresh. No body knows you so it’s a fresh start, no body knows your past and so it’s a relief. They don’t come up with any stories in their head about you. Otherwise everyone you meet on a daily basis is thinking about you, making up stories in their head and you never have a fresh start. You carry the baggage with you about the people you love wherever you go. The fun lies in starting fresh, in starting new, in building from scratch, in doing the mundane things with a lot of fun, in setting up the lights, in doing things with a whole lot of love and heart and passion and joy. All my life wherever I went, I liked to bring in that joy and excitement in the spaces I went to. I think most people remember me for that. But sometimes, if I am lazy, I can also make the most fun thing boring and so I am moody. It all depends on my mood. Sometimes, I just want to be left alone no matter how exciting a task is in front of me but this is rare. In most cases, I am the excited soul. So coming back to building a community. My teacher told me last year he is starting one and joining his community was the most exciting day for me. Working in the community, working on the various projects, understanding out strengths was so much fun that I would not sleep at night. I was really enjoying helping form this community from scratch. It felt so close to me that I was ready to give it my all and more. But those few months were so much fun that I always reminisce those days and I wonder, I wonder if I will ever be able to do all those things again or will my life take me somewhere else. My teacher has been slow in forming it and I am not sure why. If I was given a chance, I would give it my 200% to get it going but that’s just me and a community can’t be formed with just me, when I say community, I mean having a physical space. Right now, we just meet online and the members have gone on a few retreats but I haven’t. Why haven’t I gone? I am not sure. Maybe, God has other plans. Something always came up when I thought of going and so I wonder today where will my energy and my passion and my creativity be used. Will I have my own community some day? or Will I be part of one in a big way? I don’t like being part of it in a small way for some reason. But I’ll wait. Wait for the right time and right opportunity to come along.

To me forming a community seems like the most exciting thing to do where people from different walks of life come together to learn, to thrive, to love, to share, to play. to dance, to sing, to evolve, to shine, to serve, to grow, one day at a time, one moment at a time, creating something beautiful and everlasting and wonderful forever and ever.

If you want to join my teacher’s community, or learn more about it, click here to read his vision.


Until next time,

Miss Light

2 responses to “A community.”

  1. Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela Avatar
    Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela

    Beautiful… wish a community forms soon.


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