What is the love that is not dependent on thoughts and feelings? That is not validated by thoughts and feelings? Is there such a Love? In today’s recorded session that my teacher sent us, this was one of the most important question. He kept asking us this question. He’s traveling and so decided to send us a recording on Love. Yet again on Love. In fact, today I was in no mood to attend his call. I had decided to skip it. But I say this many times and then I end up joining his calls.Anyway, today he cancelled it himself, so I was left with a recording where he asked us this question. It’s a question that I need to reflect on. What is that love that is not dependent on thoughts and feelings? Let’s come back to the definition. My favorite definition is To love is to let be. But sadly, I don’t always let the people I truly love be. But I still love the definition. I aim to get there. To just let everyone be, just the way they are, doing what they want to do, without controlling them, but I want them to know that I will always love them. My love for them is boundless, limitless, without any conditions. But do I love everyone unconditionally? No, I can’t. I can’t do it with everyone. But coming back to the question. What is this love without thoughts and feelings? Let’s break this down further.

What is a thought? an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind.

What is a feeling? an emotional state or reaction.

Can I love without thinking a thought? Can I love without a feeling? What is it to love without thinking or feeling? When I think of God, I can love without a thinking or feeling. It’s just there, this love, this state of love, this being in love is just there within me somewhere. I can feel it but I can also just let it be. When I think of my daughter, I can be in that state of Love, without thinking or feeling too much into it. When I think of nature, the stars, the clouds, the sky, the waves, I can be in that state of love. When I think of my teacher, I can be in that state of love. When I think of my parents, I can be in that state of Love. When I think of my sister, I can be in that state of Love. When I think of all the people who haven’t hurt me, I can be in that state of Love but when I think of people who have hurt me in some way, curtailed my inner state in some way, controlled me in some way, I am finding it hard to be in that state without having a certain thought. I do have thoughts around that love. I think I need to heal from that love. I need to let go. and so sometimes, my love gets all confused. My love gets all caught up in emotions, and feelings, and thoughts and I lose the whole essence of it. I am clinging onto something, someone. But if I relax into it, if I stay in silence, I can be in that state of Love with pretty much anything and everything. I can also be in that state of love with nothing. Just me and nothing. What is it to be in a state of love with Nothing? These days I am searching more and more for nothing. It’s not easy to find nothing but I know it’s out there looking for me too. When nothing meets nothing.

My teacher says, anytime you’re angry or upset just keep using the word Love and slowly all these emotions will get washed away with Love. Try it.

Until next time,

Miss Light

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