My husband is traveling and I am so glad because I can write at 1:54 AM in the night without having to worry that he will wake up and ask me a question or tell me to go back to sleep. What am I writing about today? You tell me. What should I write about? Sometimes, I feel I have written about everything what more is left. Every single day for the last 60 days, I have written. Written without worrying if anyone reads it or no, likes it or no, comments or no, I just go on writing and hope that someday one person will read all of my blogs and say Woh! Miss Light! You’re amazing. I want to meet you.

Coming back to today. Coming back to the present. The last two days my teacher, Nithya Shanti has been doing that. He says, the magic is in the peel. What peel? Which peel? He says the peel that separates you from the outside, and you from the inside. So this could be your skin, or the invisible bubble around you. He went on to say, we are so caught up loving every damn thing around us that we miss the magic, the magic of loving this peel, your peel, the magic of loving your skin, the magic of loving the interface that separates and connects you to the world. How fascinating! Yes, my teacher is quite fascinating. He knows it, I think. He said love this peel, nourish it, soothe it, love it more, again and again and again. Don’t only love the fruit. Love the peel too. He compares this peel to the peel of a Banana, and an apple, because the peels of these fruits are so nutritious and contain the magic. Just like that, your peel, your magic layer in the body, your skin has the magic. Nourish it, Love it, embrace it, and you will transform completely. Why don’t you and me try it and see?

The second thing he said yesterday was to rest in the moment. He said when we rest in the present, we will find a clue, a key. Yay! This is like treasure hunt all over again. Only in a treasure hunt, we keep looking for something, we are restless, we are on the move. In this case there is a slight difference, the biggest one, he said if you’re restless you won’t find the clue or key. Interesting right? So, stay in the moment, rest in the present, and you will get the key to start the next journey of your life. He compared it to a video game, where you can’t move to the next level without playing level 1. So, play level 1 really well and you’ll find your clue to move to the next. The same way in your life, you will have a clue at every level, which you will receive only if you rest in the present, stay in the moment without becoming restless, without wanting to get anywhere else but stay right where you are.

And the final teaching and the most wonderful one. Accept your deepest fear. Accept it right now. What is your deepest fear? Are you afraid to die? Are you afraid of losing someone or something? Accept it. Are you afraid that your masks will be revealed? Accept it. When you accept your deepest fear, you will be free. You will taste freedom. He said, what’s the fire beneath you that keeps you restless? Make peace with the worst possible outcome in your life, and trust that it will happen. Make peace with the fact that it will come true without expecting anything good to come out of it.

Thank you teacher for breaking all these bubbles yet again. He said the above three insights is enough to change your life forever, the magic of the peel, resting in the now, and accepting your deepest fear.

Forver & Always,

Miss Light

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