1:Are you carrying something?

2: No, I am not.

1: Check again. Are you carrying something?

2: Okay. Fine. Yes, I am. I am carrying this heavy burden. It’s hurting me so much that I have lost the feeling of fully feeling the pain. I am numb today. So numb. Someone pinch me. Someone poke me. I can’t feel myself today. Prick. Okay, yes. I felt it. Deep down. I felt the pain deep down inside of me. You can’t see it. You can’t feel it. But I can. I felt it. I have been carrying this burden for many years now.

1: What are you carrying? Carrying that it’s become a part of you?

2: Yes, that’s right. I have been carrying it for too long. My teacher says, it’s time.

1: It’s time for what, my dear?

2: It’s time to put this down.

1: Put what down?

2: Put this burden down.

1: Ah! Okay. Put this baggage down.

2: But can’t I carry it for a little more longer? I will leave it at the next station. My train ride has just started.

1: Nope. Drop it. Drop it like you drop a pebble. Throw it away.

2: Really? But I love this burden. It’s so dear to me.

1: I understand but your teacher reminded you of this pain.

2: Aren’t your shoulders paining?

1: Yes, they are.

2: Aren’t your hands paining?

1: Yes, they are.

2: Okay. I have an idea. I’ll keep it on my lap. I love doing that. I usually hug onto my luggage or bag and keep it on my lap. I don’t like keeping it down. I wonder why?

1: Put it down!!!

2: Nope, I won’t. I like hugging it and sitting in a car, or in a train, or in a plane.

1: But it’s time. You have to put this burden down. It’s draining you.

2: Really? How do you know it’s draining me?

1: I feel most alive.

2: You’re living in the illusion. Wake up. Put the damn burden down, I say. It’s going to kill you one day. You won’t be able to handle the pain.

1: Fine. I’ll put it down. I am throwing it away. Can you stop the train?

2: No, I wont stop the train. Just throw it away.

1: Will somebody else take away my burden?

2: Nope, nobody cares about your burden. They have their own shit to deal with.

1: Great! So, it will just lie around there.

2: Yes, it will just lie around.

1: Will it decompose?

2: Stop right there. You’re overthinking this. It’s not your problem what happens to this burden now. You have dropped it.

1: Okay. Now what? What do I do now?

2: Go live your life.

1: I was living my life. Who else will live my life?

2: I mean LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT THIS BURDEN. For once, Can you listen to me? And Stop arguing. You love to fight. Don’t you.

1: Yes, I do. I am a born fighter. Okay bye. I am done.

2: Bye.

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