When a part of you is lost. But I just found you.

When a part of you is gone. But we just met.

When another part of you is aching constantly every single moment of the day. 

Reminding you, Will you ever find that part of you?

What if that part of you has gone into some part of the universe and will never be found?

Will someone else end up finding it?

If you do find it, can you please handle it with care. 

Because there is a part of me in there. 

It’s fragile. It’s full of love. It’s beautiful.

This part made me whole. 

This part made me feel complete.

But now it’s lost. It’s lost and I wonder why.

I am so careful with things. How did I lose it?

Was it God’s plan to make me realize something?

This part meant the world to me and it’s gone. It’s gone into the vastness of the universe and I am not sure I will ever get it. 

So if you find it, please love it, care for it, and be there for it like nothing else in your life before.

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