Stay with what is. Dance with what is. Embrace what is. What is this what is? Tell me what is this what is? Simplify it for me please. It is to be in the present moment. That present moment in front of you right now. It is the power of now. Be in the now. What is the now? Look around you. What do you see around you? What do you feel? Stay with that. Stay with what is. My teacher’s session yesterday was on what is. He loves to do this right. Say the same things from a different perspective. And I was fighting in my mind. No, I wont stay with what is. He said if you stay with what is, you will have maximum contentment. I had just screamed at my husband a few minutes ago. Literally screamed. I was done. So done! But then my teacher comes in and says Stay with what is. When you stay with what is, you will be most contended. Accept what is in front of you. Don’t fight. Don’t argue with reality. Fine, alright. By the end of the session I was much calmer but when I started I was not willing to hear his point of view. Because I was seeing contentment on the other side. When I reach the other side I will be contended. But what if, peace, and freedom, and ease can be found right here, right now. What if amidst the chaos and turmoil and negativity I remain unaffected. I judged myself yesterday, Miss Light, you meditate so much, why did you scream like that? I was not willing to listen to my husband’s point of view. He was forcing me to listen. He kept saying listen to me, Miss Light, Please. I said, No, I have made up my mind. My heart is not there so why should I listen to you? He kept trying. He kept trying to get me to listen to him but I didn’t budge and finally a show down. This time it was smaller. So, I was angry and agitated when I started the call with my teacher. But he always comes to my rescue. I trust that. I know that. and He did. Before I went to sleep I kissed my husband Good Night. In the morning, I told him I am sorry. He said Miss Light, you’re killing me every single day. I said, I am sorry. He said, in the night he woke up and felt he was drowning. I told him, why didn’t you wake me up? He said, I had water I was feeling better.

I wonder sometimes, why I hurt people so much? I really can say things to hurt some people and pierce their hearts. I don’t do it intentionally but it happens and then I do say sorry. Most times. Sometimes, I don’t feel sorry. I can be quite mean.

Anyway, so stay with what is. Dance with what is. Embrace what is in front of you.

You want a better what is? Then work for it. Die for it. Crave for it. And you will get it. But for now, stay with what is. I wrote this after the session yesterday.

Sit with what is.
Dance with what is.
Stay with what is.
Sit, dance, stay.
Let this whole world flow in front of you.
Laugh at the madness.
Laugh at the burning within.
Enjoy the ride.
This fun ride of staying with what is.
Deep inside yearning for something more. Another is.
But for now sit with what is. Dance with what is. Embrace what is.

Yours truly,

Miss Light

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