What is a state of love? Have you ever been in a state of love minus the thoughts and feeling? Where does this state of love reside? Where do you feel it in your body? Do you feel it your heart, in your bones, in your complete being?

My teacher, Nithya Shanti says, thoughts and feelings can confuse you. He says, Love is free and freeing. Thoughts and feelings bind you. They are the bondage. They limit the limitless. He then goes onto say. Love is a state of non-distortion, so basically a state where things remain unaltered, just the way it is, its original natural state. And when thoughts and feelings mix up with this love, it creates distortion in your being. How powerful is it to hear that?

How do you really reach this state of love? I feel sometimes we do, we touch this state of love and then we get confused when our feelings and thoughts take over the whole love state. But there are some forms of love which help you remain in this state. For example, a mothers love for her child. No matter what happens, what our child does or says to us, we continue to remain in that state of love. Mostly. Not always. A love for a teacher/Guru. No matter what your teacher says to you, if you’re truly devoted, you will continue to be in that state of love. You might waver a bit but then again return to that state of love.

But I would think thoughts and feelings make the love come alive in relationships, relationships between two lovers, between two friends, it comes alive, it’s full of wonder and excitement and surprises with thoughts and feelings. But it can also get messy and frustrating. So, it’s nice to have a balance of the two, or always be in a state of love towards, everyone and everything, when negative thoughts and feelings arise, remind yourself of the love between a Devotee and God, Mother and Child, Teacher and Student. This love is so pure, so untouched, so unconditional. It’s Divine. It’s sublime.

My teacher has wonderful teachings on Love. He is the embodiment of Love. We all love him so much and the love for him only gets stronger and stronger and brighter and brighter and deep and deep.

Lots of Love,


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