Has this ever happened to you? You can’t stand some people in your life, usually the people you love the most. You can’t stand them but you’ll help them. You can’t stand them but you’ll still talk to them. You can’t stand them but you’ll do everything in your power to help them when they need you. What is this all about really? I mean. I can’t stand some people in my life. They annoy me. They irritate me. They ignore me. They are just plain annoying. I don’t like some things they have said to me but then I still keep going back to them. Why? Why do we keep going back to these people? Is it love? Yes, it’s love. It’s a whole lot of love, so much love that you could die but then what do you do if you’ve been made like this. If God has made you like this, no matter what some people do or don’t do, say or don’t say, you still be there for them with no questions asked. You’re irritated. You’re bugged. You say stuff to them in your mind but then when they come in front of you, it’s all gone. All gone? Miss light, where has all the negative feelings gone? It’s flown away into thin air. What crap? Just a minute ago, you were telling yourself how annoyed and irritated you’re with this person and now it’s all gone? Fucked up. Really fucked up stuff. Sorry, but I can’t find a better word in the dictionary to describe this feeling. So, then don’t stand people, sit with them, love them, hug them, be with them, sometimes don’t say a word, just look at them and see how you’re feeling. Go through all those emotions within you and slowly and steadily it will fade away into love, a whole lot of love, unconditional love. Pure love. Story of my life.

Love & Light always,

Miss Light

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