Yesterday, my teacher had a short session on Light Body Activation. Oh! I have a long history with these words because this is where it all started for me a good two and a half years ago. I was sitting in my room. My mother came in and said, “listen to this guy, he speaks well.” I said, “alright, I’ll join his session and who knew it would be on light body activation”. I was so bored by the end of the session. Nothing was making sense to me but I still continued listening and then eventually realised this teacher is not making sense. He is only speaking all this high level stuff. That’s not my kind of learning and spirituality. Who knew three years down the line, I would be at a similar place but have a completely different experience where my teacher is talking to me about the Light body and I am loving it, I am feeling it, I am enjoying it so much. Okay. Let me tell you a secret. This time around I was two glasses of Wine down. Was that why I loved the light body activation so much? I was in a state of trance and kept seeing the thousand and one string of white lights in my body. I was seeing the lights spinning clockwise and anti-clockwise and it felt so good. I was on top of the world. But in reality, I was sitting at a bar finishing my last sip of White wine. But thank you teacher for showing me the light within me.

My teacher has always been my guiding light these past two years, showing me the way one step at a time, one day at a time. But I was always in a hurry. I always wanted to know everything, ask him everything, question his questions, argue with him and I have loved every bit of it. I have learnt so much and grown so much that I am not sure how to thank him for it. I have done it multiple times but it’s not enough. He knows it too. Thank you’s aren’t enough when you experience stuff like this that’s beyond your imagination, beyond the universe, beyond your understanding sometimes or all the time. Miss Light, have you really understood anything is what I ask myself everyday. Maybe I don’t. I am still an innocent, cute child of the universe. Can I always be this way? Can I always feel like I know nothing? Can my teacher continue to teach me something till the end of time? Can I always feel his presence even if he is thousands of miles away? Can I be his most diligent student forever and ever? Can I be his student to infinity and beyond? Can I be the one who has troubled him the most? Can I be the one? Can I be the one?

Love & Light always,

Miss Light

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