What is our most primary motivation and primary intention at any moment in our life? When you’re unconscious of what your motivation or intention is, you’re a robot, you’re a puppet and it’s not the most intelligent way to be. First notice and acknowledge – what is your motivation? 

So the last session my teacher asked us this question and I was like what? Why? Where? Why are you asking me this? What’s your motivation behind asking me this question, Teacher? Oh! I know. To make me think. To make me think why I do what I do. Interesting. What if I don’t know why I do what I do? What if my motivations change every minute? What if I do what I have to do without thinking too much? But then I end up doing too many things right. Yes I do. I end up putting my hands in too many things, but I enjoy it, I love it. Strangely when I don’t enjoy things or don’t love it, people will notice instantly. It’s all over my face. My heart is not there and so the result will be half hearted and usually I leave it half done or I’ll force myself to do it because I feel obliged to.

So what if my primary motivation to do anything is LOVE. It is because I love that person, or I love that thing or I love that experience or I want to learn or I want to explore or I want to feel the adrenaline rush or I want to feel ecstatic or I want to feel peaceful or I want to feel connected to myself or I want to just love myself a little more, a little more everyday and so I do what I do. What if my primary motivation is to challenge myself? Challenge myself that I can move mountains that I can also make it big that I can also be famous and have it all. And this time around with little to no help. What if my primary motivation is to prove to everyone who am I Really? and prove to myself too. What if my primary motivation is to discover myself in the process? Discover every inch of me? 

You know I love doing research. From a very young age I had this curious streak. I’ll go in-depth into many topics. Sometimes random stuff. Sometimes deep stuff. Sometimes on places. Sometimes on commenting threads like quora and Facebook. I love to know how people think. It gives me different perspectives to life. It’s fun! So what if my primary motivation is to have fun sometimes? Let’s be clear, sometimes. Most times I am serious. Haha! But it’s nice to have fun. Do random stuff without any serious motivation.  Go with the flow. Follow your heart and see where it takes you. It will take you to places you’ve never gone before. Everything in life can’t be practical. Sometimes just do things for the sake of doing it but do it wholeheartedly. So I know what are few of my primary motivations, Here it goes,

To love everything and everyone when I do something.

To have fun doing something.

To feel expansive and big and move mountains. Who said we can’t move them? 

To do it because you have to do it sometimes. We are living in the human world and somethings have to be done. So do it and let it go then. 

Sometimes be a robot and sometimes be a puppet. Why should everything be thought through? Do it and leave the rest. Let someone else get you to do it. To get some tasks done, you need to be a robot, only then can you get it done quickly and also out of your way and then you will have all the time for love, fun, magic and miracles. Yes, you heard it right. Love, Fun, Magic, and Miracles.

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