Have you ever experienced this? In moments of extreme silence is when you receive all your answers to life. Not in moments of chaos, noise, chatter, questioning, seeking, but in moments of silence is when you get every single answer to your life’s biggest questions. This happened to me a few months ago when I was silent for a day, it was the first day after years of talking and talking that I got some clear guidance, which I had never experienced before. It was magical to say the least and also scary because I thought I was hallucinating. But that’s where the magic began, I sat silently every single day for 21 minutes and everything slowly started to make sense to me. Sometimes, I would meditate randomly in the afternoon or evening. I only felt at complete ease while my eyes were closed. I only felt connected to myself, the universe, my teacher when I was meditating and so that’s where I wanted to be. Over the last few months, I have experienced both extreme states of silence and extreme states of noise and turmoil. I have been on both ends of the spectrum and it’s not been easy but even though life has thrown curveballs at me, I have been able to stand tall through it, not get so shaken that I go into the depths of depression. Not this time around. I have seen the depths of depression many times in the past, but this time, things were different. I felt like I am being looked after, there is someone somewhere watching me, guiding me, loving me, just the way I am, and so there is nothing to worry. Nothing can go wrong. Just do what needs to be done. Coming back to silence. In silence is where I will find most of my answers. And so I did that.

The last fifteen days I have been noticing this silence within me, amidst everything thats happening around me. Even if my husband is talking over the phone loudly on a work call, or my daughter is screaming right into my ears, or I am hearing constant chatter around me, and to top it all, at a recent children’s day party I organised, I realised the sound and noise made by the kids wasn’t bothering me, I was feeling the silence and so no matter what is happening around me, on most days I feel this silence.

It’s like finally the mental chatter has reduced on its own without me doing much. My dreams, my aspirations, my go-getter nature has all taken a back seat. They’re all there with me in the car, but they’re sitting at the back. I am on the passenger seat, and God, Higher Power is driving the car. Where are we God? Oh! Just wait and watch is the answer I receive. Am I on the right path God? Yes, you are.

Yesterday, my teacher, Nithya Shanti was particularly silent after all the talking in the last few sessions, he decided to stay in silence with us. The first half of the session, I was restless. I kept moving and I was fidgety. I kept having random thoughts, but he kept reminding us to let the thoughts arise and pass away. “You be the witness.” So, I kept coming back to this thought and slowly when his instructions reduced and there was complete silence, I felt the same within me. The thoughts had vanished, the mind was calm, the body was calm, and I was left with just me and the silence. It was so beautiful to say the least. But I realised the answers to all my questions in life will come from this silence. I don’t need to go anywhere, ask anyone anything, all the answers are right within me.

I might choose to go outside, find some people who will reinstate the belief in me that my answers and their answers match and that has been happening a lot in the last few months. I have my answers. I know what I need to do. I know what is my purpose in life and when an outsider tells me the same thing, I just know it. I am on the right track. It’s never been so clear to me. It’s never been so easy for me. All these years, I was trying to be something I am not. I kept trying, kept pushing myself, kept getting carried away and now finally it has dawned on me with a slap that this is it. Just stop your craziness and follow the path that has been chosen for you.

Go into silence one day.

Go into silence and find your answers.

Your answers will knock on your door and you will finally get to meet it face to face.

Your answers will be right there in front of you waiting for you to embrace them.

It will be a night to remember. It will be a life to remember.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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