So, as I was thinking about my meditation session with my teacher yesterday, I wasn’t sure what to think of it. What did he say? What did I learn? Strangely, nothing is coming to mind. I only remember one thing, I was sitting there with eyes closed, listening to him talk and thats it. I don’t think I moved even for a second, which is quite a big deal for me. I am usually very fidgety. So, then what was it about yesterday that took me to a different dimension, where I had lost sense of time, space, body, just everything. It was just me and me and my teachers voice. I have no idea. I remember a line he spoke about uprooting Karmic tendencies, I mean what was that? I didn’t understand it at all. But he kept using it multiple times and I kept listening to those words wondering what karma? Has my Karma got dissolved? Yay!

He also said, go into the consciousness of a forest stream, a small forest stream that can go easily unnoticed. Get into it in less than five seconds. 5,4, 3,2,1 – and I am in. I am a forest stream, streaming through life, flowing with life. and then he said, now you decide where do you want to go? Your mind will take you there. I said chalo, lets go to the beach. I love the beach so much that I could keep looking at the waves passing by and then I made up a song in my head during the meditation, Yes, I was singing in my head, here is how the song goes,

I am a wave in the ocean. I am a wave in the ocean. I am a small wave, a big wave. I can be big or small. I am a wave in the ocean. I am a wave in the ocean.

Yes, this is coming from a 30 something year old. Cut me some slack because I have a child and so this is what I can come up with on some days. Again a brilliantly crafted session where I lost sight of myself and then after the session I broke down.l needed to release all that had been built up inside of me. I felt so relieved and then I went to sleep hugging myself after an hour of coughing. Yes, my cough hasn’t left me. It’s stuck to me like glue the past ten days. Kudos to that! How wonderful!

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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