So, I have been away for two days and I already miss being here and writing and reflecting on all that I learn with my teacher. The last two sessions with him have been nothing short of Magic, yes you heard it right, pure magic. The first session was on the teachings of Lester Levenson. In that session, I felt I had two teachers present with me, that is how powerful it felt. It went so deep that I had lost myself completely in the voice of my teacher and Lester himself. According to my teacher, Lester Levenson was someone who found his own answers, he did not rely on a Guru or a Teacher, the wisdom just opened up for him. My teacher is in love with Lester Levenson and in the last few months I have also fallen in love with him, mostly his quote which I keep reiterating to myself every other day.

From here on, ” I have everything I need as I need it.”

So simple, yet so much depth and power in the words which at once shatters all your worries and suffering. So, this is how my teacher’s session went that day, I am giving you a glimpse into it,

So, whatever is happening in your life right now, whatever you’re going through right now,

Could you love it? Would you Love it? When?

So whatever is here in this moment. Right now,

Could you let it go? Would you let it go? When?

And this is how his session went, it was a series of amazing questions to which you could answer anything in your mind, yes, no, maybe, now, never, tomorrow. And strangely all my answers were Yes and Now. Except two. I have never felt so ready in my life to really take the deep dive, to really let go off all my fears, apprehensions, doubts, and just fall. So, what if I fail? So, what if it’s the worst decision of my life? I will learn so much, I will grow so much, I will love so much that it will all be worth it in the end. So, my most favorite question of his in that session was

Could you be content to appear perfectly ordinary while being inwardly opened up to something completely extraordinary. Would You? When? 

Oh man! This was one of the most wonderful sessions I ever attended in my life right where I was. There were so many powerful questions but I can’t list them all here because I will violate his intellectual property and I shouldn’t do that. So, if you want to know more about my teacher and his sessions, leave a comment. I promise you, your life will be transformed forever just like mine has.

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