Everything is changing, constantly changing every moment of the day, every day of your life, every month of the year, every year of your life. Isn’t it? Have you noticed it? Have you ever stopped to notice the changes within you and around you? If you haven’t, it is time you pause and notice. My teacher Nithya Shanti says, “Everything is changing”, is not intended to be an affirmation, it needs to be an ongoing immediate recognition. He goes onto then say,

Any moment of noticing change is automatically a moment without too much thought.

When you notice it, you’re staying with an actual experience as opposed to thinking about it.

How powerful are the above lines? How true are the above lines? When we had our session on Change yesterday, I realised my life has changed so much over the years, everything has changed around me and I have adapted to that change, time and again quite well without resisting it. Non-resistance is key to accepting the changes outside of you and inside of you. Allow it to pass. Allow it to create its own course and you will be just fine when you reach the other side. My teacher loves to use the word, impermanence. Instead of saying, nothing is permanent, everything is temporary, this life is temporary, you are a passing cloud in this cycle of life, he uses the word impermanence. It’s such a beautiful word that it makes you want to stay with it for a long time, just stay with the word Impermanent and Impermanence and see what it does to you. It definitely does something to me, it makes me realise how fragile this life is, how fragile everything is, no matter how much you try to cling onto things, or people, or dreams or life in general. You’re impermanent and that’s the truth of life. Yesterday, he also said Change and No Change. Change and No Change. He said, think about it, “Is there a line dividing change from no change?” A lot of us had issues understanding these words, but these days, I allow my answers to come find me. I don’t go looking for answers and I try my best to avoid asking questions. I try. I believe the answers will come to me, just like everything else that’s come to me. So, when it was my turn to speak, I got my answer. The answer was right there within me, and this is what I said. Life is changing, everything is changing, everything you touch is changing, everything you don’t touch is also changing, so then what is this non change? What is it that is not changing? Despite all of this change, body changing, thoughts changing, feelings changing, emotions changing, there is one thing constant within you, it’s something that is so deep within you that you can’t find it but it’s there. My teacher said, it goes beyond thoughts and words and so it’s indescribable. I have touched that part of me in the last few months. It’s a divine, sacred part of you that no one can touch but you and it is that thing or quality or light or whatever name you want to give it that makes you, who you are. No one in this entire world has the power to change that part of you. You also don’t have the power to change it. It’s been given to you. It’s been bestowed upon you. It’s a sacred space. It’s a divine light. It’s a cosmic gift from God to You, so treasure it when you find it. Take care of it like you take care of a baby and let it keep burning, let that thing keep burning bright because that thing will keep you going in this lifetime, will guide you in this lifetime, will stay with you till your last breadth and beyond. How beautiful is that! How fascinating is that! How wonderfully Divine is that!

Everything is changing. Everything is Changing. But something isn’t changing too. Is there a line that divides what changes in life to what doesn’t change?

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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