Yesterday, my teacher had a session on Love. Yes, love again. Any number of sessions aren’t enough on this magical word, I have realised. There is always so much more to talk about Love, the conversations and feelings and everything else in between can be endless. Love means different things to different people. So many love languages, so many ways to love someone. But amidst all of this, my teacher says, Love 0.1% OR 1%. You don’t have to love everyone deeply. Finally, he said something that made me feel at ease. I don’t have to love everyone the same way. I can love someone deeply, and I can love someone a little less, and someone a little more and everything is acceptable. Everything is fine. He said do everything from a state of love. I would say do everything from a state of Love and Wonder. Love something or someone so much that they are soaked and soaking in your love.

Love your project or the work you do so much that you feel the love with every task you do. Feel the love in your work. Love your company or business so much that it loves you back and gives you all the returns you want. Love your partner so much that they can feel your love even if you’re not together. Love your house help, love your staff, love the people you meet on the road Can you touch the lives of so many people, not just say a mere Hi or Bye, do things and don’t just say things to make someone feel loved. Love a stranger. Love a mean person. Love someone who has hurt you over and over again.

When you walk into a room, the room must be filled with Love and Wonder. Everyone around you must feel the energy you bring into the room. I think I do that pretty well, but who am I to say? But I know it deep down that I have the power to steer conversations in a certain direction, I have the power to win people over with my love, I have the power to make people fall in love with me. My energy is quite magnetic. My husband is quite lucky to have spent the last eight years with me. Lucky or not lucky? I must ask him. But we share a certain chemistry. We can be so playful yet so serious. When we join hands we can create magic. But for that to happen we need to come on the same page. My husband is so busy with his work, and the world around him that we haven’t been able to create that magic. My father and I share the same connection. But he is so busy with his roles and business. When he and I come together, we will create the magic and people will be in awe. I feel the same connection with my teacher, and so I am throwing this intention into the universe today. When my teacher and I come together, I mean really come together, everything we touch will be magical. Everything we do will be magical. We will create history.

Strangely, all the people I think I can create magic with are busy playing their roles and so I keep waiting. It’s fine. I’ll wait and I’ll wait for the day to create the magic with them. In the meantime, I am going to create the magic within me. I am going love like there is no tomorrow. I am going to love so deeply that I touch many lives. I am going to love myself to death because when I love myself deeply, I can love everything around me so deep, and bring them to tears. Tears of Joy, Tears of Love, Tears of happiness.

Love, Light, and Happiness always.

Miss Light

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