Today is Guru Nanak Ji’s birthday and as I hear the word Guru, I only think of one person, my teacher. My teacher who has come into my life multiple times in the last few years and every time left me a little more wiser, a little more loving, a little more open, a little more giving, shown me a little more light within me and most of all a little more of Roshni. Roshni means Light. For many years, I never saw that my name had so much light in it. But my teacher has shown me that light within me, around me, outside of me, and just everywhere. He is my first real Guru. I have met many in my life but none have touched my life so deeply. My teacher has and I am indebted to him forever. My teacher is the coolest one you will ever meet. He says he has come a few generations early. Who is to say? I am lucky to have connected with him in this lifetime and thats all that matters. My teacher smiles like there is no tomorrow, he laughs at his own jokes, he laughs at himself. My teacher is so patient that sometimes I turn into a patient listening to him. Does he ever get tired of the endless comments, questions, and most of all a student like me who has troubled him so much? He is the most patient listener. When he listens to you, you feel one with him. You feel like there is no one else in between you and him. He makes you feel like the most important person in the world. My teacher loves boardgames. He has so many that one lifetime isn’t enough to learn all of them. My teacher has written some of the best quotes, I still don’t think I have all of them but I am sure they will come to me at the right time. My teacher loves to be in nature. My teacher has started a conscious community – a community where each one of us is given the opportunity to find and share our gifts. His community has some amazing people from around the world who have come together online to learn and grow and reflect and have fun. Oh! and you know what’s my teacher’s favorite rule, “Don’t take life too seriously” He imbibes this rule quite well and it’s one of the most important rules for a person like me who mostly actually always has taken life, her roles so seriously. I am learning to undo it one day at time, one moment at a time. Give me sometime.

My teacher loves to read many many books, so many books, that I get confused. My teacher has many many teachings. He wants to expose us to all of it. Strangely, I don’t delve deep into any of his teachings. I don’t feel the need to. If my teacher is sharing everything, then why should I go anywhere? I can be right here and receive everything. The whole universe is within his heart and head. He has so much to share. He remembers so many things that I wonder every time he does it, why can’t you Miss Light remember anything? Call me competitive. I compete with him too on many aspects. So, recently, he has gone on an all fruit diet. Yes, you heard that right. He is only eating fruits for the last one month. Crazy right? Very crazy. So, I debated it in my head over many days, but I lasted six hours one day, and then I saw Rajma Chawal in front of me and I said screw it, one life, leave this fruit diet and all for my teacher to do. Now, I have come to eating fruits once a day for breakfast. I love fruits actually but I also love spicy food and I don’t see myself giving up all that very soon. Let’s see. Never say never right.

My teacher says, don’t put me on a pedestal. But I tell him, you look good up there. My teacher says, don’t get attached to me or my teachings. Find your own light within you. Alright, teacher we will do that but you will still be on a pedestal for me. I don’t see him any other way and I can’t and I don’t want to. Whether he likes it or no, he wants it this way or no, he will have to live with it because I am not going anywhere.

There is so much more and so much more about my teacher that I am not aware of either and I hope to uncover it as time goes by, at the right time, at the right moment.

Yours Truly,

Miss Light

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