There was a time in my life where all my questions were answered. I asked a lot of questions and I would get my answers. I would fight for my answers and I would get it. But these days I don’t have answers to anything and the one person I think will give me some answers is also in silence with me. Mostly with me. I wonder why. I wonder what is this silence telling me? Is he talking to me through this silence? Why is my teacher not answering me directly? But I don’t have it in me to question him so I just write and hope that I am not being fooled. Am I being fooled? Is this a game I am playing? It’s like I am playing a game everyday of my life these days. Some days I win, some days I lose, some day I don’t even move one step, I just sit there looking into space. Life has come down to a few things for me these days. I have no answers to anything. Literally nothing. Everyday is a new chapter in my life is finally making sense. Who am I? What am I going to be doing in this world? is all a blur and my teacher isn’t helping me. It’s like I have reached somewhere, where I don’t know. I have reached somewhere but what now? Can you tell me? No, he doesn’t say anything. He keeps quiet. What now? Now what? Just be?

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