Have you ever told your mother you hate her? I have. Have you ever told your hus-band you hate him? I have. Have you screamed like there was no tomorrow? Lost control of your senses and just wanted to run away? Have you ever felt like the ground beneath you is shaking, it’s shaking so much that it can break anytime and you’ll free fall. You’ll fall and fall and fall. Have you ever felt like you’re dying every minute and the next minute is a new birth? Have you loved someone so much that you could die right there thinking of them? Have you been hurt so much that your heart has been ripped apart to pieces and pieces and pieces and you can’t seem to find those pieces so it’s going to be broken forever and you learn to live with a broken heart. Have you transformed so much that you’re in shock every single day looking at yourself in the mirror? Is this really you? or Have you been taken over by some ghost? Do you even belong here my friend or are you from another planet? Have you spoken to God and gotten answers after answers? Have you walked out of home only to see hundred and one angel numbers everywhere you look – all the numbers pushing you to do something? Every single day of your life and you finally do it. Where is this courage coming from? To leave everyone and everything? Have you lost your mind? But you still go ahead and do it. You do it like it’s the last day of your life – you shatter everyone’s being. Everyone is shocked. You scream so much that you wish someone carries you to the heavens. You scream so loud that you wish God is listening to you and he carries you away in his arms but he doesn’t. He stops interacting with you. He stops talking to you for a while. You’re all alone. You’re surrounded by so many people but you feel so lonely. You haven’t felt this lonely in your life. No one can get you. No one can understand your pain so just let it be. You let go and surrender. Surrender to what? Surrender to some higher power because you have nothing to hold onto anymore. Nothing.   

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