Have you ever overstepped a boundary?

Have you ever overstepped a boundary? Have you ever stepped on a boundary? You must try it because the feeling is quite exhilarating and most people don’t get to experience it. It’s quite painful, quite messy on the other side, but you learn a lot of stuff. You make some enemies and you find some new friends. The old ones might stick around or no who is to say? But crossing a boundary is fun. Breaking some rules is even more fun. All my life I have been the good one. I followed all the rules, I listened to my parents, I gave in to a lot of my husbands demands, I was the one who bent over backwards in a relationship, and these days I try and set boundaries for a five year old who is behaving like a teenager, so that isn’t working so well. 

The word boundary, according to our well known dictionary is, a line which marks the limits of an area; a dividing line. 

Who decided this line anyway? Oh! I know who does it. All these institutions we are a part of in our lives. The first being our parents, then comes our school, then it’s college where thankfully – we start to question all the boundaries, then comes the corporate world, where you put up this inauthentic self to please your boss and colleagues and in the process you give up your boundaries because you can’t afford to lose your job. But the fun begins when you get married because now each partner needs to set their own boundaries. But in my case, I never did. I never really did it and so people from all walks of my life came in and walked right into my space. So intruding that most times I didn’t have space to breathe. I could suffocate and die. This is how it’s been all these years and slowly I am learning to set my boundaries realizing that if I don’t build mine I might overstep someone else’s boundaries as well and as an adult it’s only going to cause a lot of turmoil. 

People don’t get it though. People close to me can’t take the fact that I suddenly want to incorporate boundaries in my life. Strangely, my boundaries are very harsh. I have literally closed doors to most people who love me. So, they find it really hard to get to me. Nobody will get me today because for a while I have a very strict boundary. I am thinking like how Hitler would have had in world war 2. 

Now, I am sure you’re thinking this girl has lost it, on one hand she wants to cross every boundary that’s in place and when it comes to her boundaries, she’s so closed minded. She isn’t allowing anyone into her life. 

Yes, that’s where I am today and I am not sure how long I am going to be this way. But this is how I see it. Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to break every rule but I am questioning every boundary ever set. I am questioning a lot of things around marriage, relationships, parenting, spirituality, and so on and so forth. It’s all a blur right now and so I will be the one calling shots and in the process when I do overstep someone’s boundary, I might be called out. I might get hurt in the process but that’s fine. Everything is fine. Everything is sublime. 

Nobody is perfect and I am Nobody – NS 

Strangely, I keep telling myself this every other day. I am nobody wanting to be somebody. Because the more I say it, the more grounded I feel and more humble I am. 

So, tell me what boundaries have you incorporated in your life? Have you overstepped someone else’s boundary? How did it feel to do it?

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