Let’s repeat this again. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Let’s talk about what you deserve. Do you know what you deserve? or Are you just accepting everything that life throws at you? Have you settled for less than what you deserve in education, relationships, teachers, mentors, life in general. or Do you know that there is something more? There is always something more that you deserve and You’re worth every bit of it. Why should only a few people get the lime light? Why should only a few people make a lot of money? Why should only a few people get the best of husbands and boy friends and friends? Maybe because you always settled for less. You were happy and content where you were. And that’s fine as long as you’re at peace with yourself. But what if. Just what if. There is a whole new world out there for you, waiting for you, waiting for you to wake up because the world needs you. The world is waiting to see the light in you, is waiting to see you shine, is waiting to see you share your gifts, is waiting for all the good you have to offer, is waiting for you to receive the highest ever possibility of love. Have you ever thought of it this way? Start thinking because this world is a really damn nice one to be in if you think the way I am telling you to. You have the power to attract all the good things in your life. You have the power to attract the best teachers, best job, best home, best mentors, best friends, best life partner and just everything you put your heart and soul into. Put your heart and soul into what you want and I promise you, you will get it. Maybe not the exact same thing but you will come very close to touching infinity. So, do me a favour today. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. You deserve the best my friend and believe it, feel it in every cell of your being like my teacher says, and it’s yours for life. You will manifest it. Trust me on this. But feel it deep within yourself. Take my word for it. Try it and then tell me if you got what you asked for in a few days, a few months, or a few years. There will come a time where you will stop asking and you will just receive all that is good and magnificent and beautiful and loving and just insanely gorgeous.

Don’t settle for anything less, my friend. You deserve all the good things in life just like everyone else. You’re special just like everyone else, my teacher says. So own it. Become it. and Manifest your new reality.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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