I don’t think one post or one quote or one talk can explain this four letter word that drives everybody and everything up the wall and also down the wall. When someone uses the word with me, it touches me at places I usually don’t touch on a regular day. Whether it’s a movie, whether it’s my partner, whether its my child or my parents, this word means a lot to me and shakes me up and helps me realise that I need to give back, I need to reciprocate, I need to do something to make them feel special. And I have always done that. In small ways and sometimes grandiose ways, shown the people I love that I truly care for them. But I still haven’t quite figured out the meaning of love. What does love really do to you? What does it truly feel like? Is it an instant connection? Is it an instant attraction? Is it deep fire within you as you think of someone? Is it a sweet, cute, cosy feeling you get when you’re with someone? Is it the love you feel for the universe, higher power, God? What is it really? Is it all of this? Each person or thing requires a different love language. It’s not one size fits all. But you can be love, become love, embody love, be in a state of love, and lastly just feel love in every cell of your body. My teacher recently had a session on Love. Yes, I am back to his sessions. I can’t be away from him for too long. I start to miss the discussions and learnings and questions and just his presence. He spoke about Love as the dynamic animated intelligence of this world. Woh! Woh! Let’s sink in this thought. Sometimes, every word he says makes me want to pause, soak it in and then move forward. He continues, “The intelligence that keeps the whole world going”. He says when you tune into love, you’re tuning into the highest form of law of attraction. He speaks about the river meeting the ocean, and as the river meets it, it trembles, but then eventually it becomes one with the ocean, that’s what love is. Isn’t it the most beautiful, purest and magical ways in which he has expressed it? Sometimes, I am in awe. Okay, not sometimes, all the time I am in awe at how he comes up with such deep stuff. But coming back to my definition, what is love for me? Love has meant different things to different people for me. I can’t love everyone the same way. I try and love them the way they want to be loved or the way I feel I can love them. They may like it or no. Expect more or less or say thats just right. But in general, I love everyone and everything I come in contact with. I show people I genuinely care by asking them questions and listening to their story. I actually enjoy learning about everyones life story. It’s fun! Usually I share a lot about my life, and most people don’t but when they do share I am all ears, I ask questions and I am quite curious on why and how they do what they do. I also tend to get bored of the same people, so I keep looking for new people, new experiences, new stories so I can widen my horizon and learn more.

But coming back to Love. To love is to let be. This definition cant get better for me. I do that with most people in my life. I let them be. But that doesn’t stop me from doing things to show them how much I love them. I love doing that. I love giving surprises. I love leaving notes. I love doing things for them to make their life comfortable and convenient. I go that extra mile in the smaller things which mostly go unnoticed. But thats fine. That’s my way of showing people I love and care for them. Loving unconditionally has come naturally to me. I don’t expect anyone to love me a certain way, or behave a certain way. I just love and I just receive. The universe has been extremely kind to me and I have received a lot from a very young age. But I have also given a lot to people I have come in contact with.

Recently, I visited Amsterdam and I connected with an old friend. He went out of his way to make my holiday comfortable. He spent a whole day with me and my partner, helping us, dropping us to places. And I was so grateful to him. I had met him during my MBA days in Dallas, Texas. And he reminded me that I have been there for him over two years in Dallas with no questions asked. I used to drop him and pick him up and take him to buy his groceries because I had a drivers licence and he hadn’t got one. I had forgotten about all of this, which is good because why should I remember all the good I do for people. It’s only going to feed my ego but sometimes its nice to hear it from people and I was touched that he remembered me and all the help I had offered him so willingly when I studied with him. The little things matter and people remember all the good things you do for them but sometimes the people you’re close to don’t remember, they will pin point on that one wrong thing you’ve done and forget about all the good things. This hurts. I do it too. And I wish for all of us to remember before we say anything to anyone, if it’s going to hurt them. But the world isn’t built like that. Bosses will remember that one wrong thing, parents will remember the one time you didn’t pick up your plate, your teacher will question you on some of your doings, your partner will remind you of one wrong thing you do and keep repeating it, and thats how the world is built and its sad. But maybe, we can change and realise that behind every action there is sometimes a very valid reason, why not try and understand why someone behaved that way? Why not go deep and really understand why your loved one said something like that? What’s bothering them? This is important if the person you’re dealing with is a crucial part of your life. If not, then go ahead, say something rude to them and let them feel bad and let them them say something equally bad to you and let the cycle of life continue like this.

Lots of Love & Gratitude,


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