So, strangely today there is no thought gripping me and I am not sure what to write about but I am still going to give it a go and see what comes up for me. So, this morning I woke up and sat in silence for about 20 minutes and then went onto listening to one of my teacher’s recordings. One was a video where Jim Carrey talks about how he has manifested his entire life and it’s such a powerful video that I could watch it multiple times and I have. I will share it below. After which, I went onto listening to a recording from my teacher on magnetism. I have heard it a few times before. It’s one of my favourites and so I keep listening to it. The recording is all about you magnetising all the good things in your life, how you can protect yourself from negative people, experiences and instead only attract the good people, experiences and learnings in your life. It’s so powerfully said that sometimes that’s the whole point. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. And my teacher has a way of saying things. On some days, he can be this really calm and quiet presence but on some days he can have a lot of energy and maybe this message of his on magnetism required him to say things with a lot more conviction and if he hadn’t maybe I wouldn’t have loved the recording so much.

While I was walking today, I suddenly realised I have become so fearless. I think I always was but I never really thought about it. But these days I do think about it. and this fearlessness is leading me to do things I usually wouldn’t do. For example, I hate being on camera and looking at myself but I decided to face that fear and get out there on Instagram and say something everyday and I am doing it without worrying about how I look and how I’ll be perceived and what I am wearing and etc. I Love it! I so love this whole feeling of finally not caring about what people think about me. and I can’t thank my teacher and his teachings enough because that’s where its all stemming from. I was so shy yet so fearless before but these days I don’t have any inhibitions. I say what I have to. I do what I have to with no fear whatsoever of being judged. Finally! Finally! A sigh of relief. It’s the best feeling ever for me and I can’t describe it. But only feel it in my core and it’s embedded in my core and I am not turning back now or going back to what I was. Because this is who I am and my teacher in his ways reminded me of it. It’s taken me a few years to get here but I am finally here and it’s a great feeling to be here.

Also, something really cool happened today. So, my teacher did a spontaneous session this morning while I was on my walk but I still did check the message about 15 minutes late and joined the call a bit late. He was talking about the Gentle Glow of Love, Gentle Flow of Love and the integration of these two aspects of Love. Strangely enough, this morning I picked up a t-shirt that had the VE of LOVE. The LO is part of another t-shirt. So, I was quite amused. These days I have been having so many synchronicities with my teacher that it’s become a part and parcel of my life and I notice it, enjoy it and let it go. Because nothing is permanent and so just let everything go and if it has to come back it will.

Don’t have anything more to say today. But enjoy the Jim Carrey video below. And don’t forget to thank my teacher because he’s the one who introduces me to all these amazing learnings.

Have a nice day!


Miss Light

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