So, yesterday was quite a day for me. The day started with me meeting someone from my teacher’s community and it was nothing less than magical. We hit it off from the very second we set eyes on each other. We shared so much, bonded, and laughed and connected. We had some deep conversations. And even though I wanted to stay longer and chat with her I had to be somewhere. Somewhere more mystical and magical. So, the Isha Yoga Centre was having a Naga Pratishta consecration ceremony in their new centre in Bangalore and the day I received the email a few months ago, I had made up my mind to go. I did wonder a few times if I will be able to sit for 6 hours straight. Also, let’s be clear. I have not done the inner engineering program (This is one of the basic programs of the Isha Yoga Centre). The only thing I have done is I have heard more than a hundred videos of Sadguru over the years on youtube where he has answered multiple questions and in the process I have learnt a lot from him. So, I did have a certain affinity to this man. I love the way he is so forthright, doesn’t beat around the bush and if he has to be rude, or angry, he will be. So, I was there.

The Shiva statue was unbelievable and the energy and the people and the whole atmosphere amidst the mountain ranges was spectacular. I am so glad I went for it. The ceremony was conducted by Sadguru himself where he was praying to the Naga – the Snake God. I have no clue about snakes or why we pray to the snake God but the energy I felt yesterday was at another level. You realise in life you don’t have to understand everything, sometimes just experience it. Just go with the flow. Stop asking questions, just do what you are called to do. So, 20,000 people closely packed together with the rain Gods showering us with Rain for three hours straight was crazy. I was drenched but I was still chanting, still singing, in a complete state of trance.

If you listen to any of Isha Yoga Centre’s music, you will feel the trance. The vibrations were high and it was a Full Moon. Sadguru himself was enjoying every minute of the ceremony. I didn’t understand much of it but a few things caught my eye because I related it to my teacher. For example the Snake statue was like a symbol my teacher talks about on every call, the Maiyurma symbol. The face of the snake was in a shape of a heart and his body in an infinity symbol. My teacher ends each of his sessions with the Maiyurma symbol and so even though I was at another Ashram, I was still connected to my teacher.

Sadguru ended the night with a question, he said what if I have the power to enhance your life? What if I have the power to enhance it by ten years? What would you do with your life? He said, “Don’t tell me you’ll get married, have children, etc.” Thats a very shallow way of living a wonderful life. He said, “Tell me what will you really do” Make an intention today that you will do something profound and worthwhile. Make an intention that you will be in a pleasant state and won’t be affected by what people say or do to you. He called this the number one rule of sane living. You cannot ever let other people control how you feel. So, first do this! I am so exhausted as I type this but my energies are still high. I slept for just two hours and then woke up to join my teachers session. Can you beat that? Actually last night, I decided I wont join it. I told myself. You must sleep tonight. But I woke up a few minutes late, and I just had to join his session.

So, it’s been a magical day and it’s going to be a magical month and a magical year and I am sure of that.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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