So this evening, I went to a clinic and the lady asked me to check my weight. I was like Bring it on because I knew for a fact I have put on over 5 to 6 kgs in the last month or so. I feel so bloated and so messed up that I am not sure what to do. Anyway, I had a call with my teacher in a few hours. So, when I joined the call, to my surprise the discussion was around food and food choices. A lady spoke about how she has gone on an all fruits diet the past 12 days and that she feels good, her body feels good, she feels lighter and that she is going strong. I have heard of a million and one diet plans and I continue to do so. I would say just follow one plan and stick to it. There is so much information out there about food choices that sometimes it can get to you. So, for about 15-20 minutes the discussion was all about food and food choices. All the while, my head wasn’t in the right place because I have been beating myself up all afternoon on how I am going to lose weight in the next two weeks. So, these ideas seemed to have come to me at the right time. My sister is to be married in 15 days and I really wanted a crash diet to look and feel good because in such a short span, I am not sure what else will work. Now, the key is me actually following something. So, I will let you know how I am doing in a few days and if my motivation is still this high and more than the motivation my determination to quit so many food groups completely from my diet is still high.

My teacher also seemed to be in quite a joyful mood. He seemed to be enjoying the conversations and his usual nature of cracking jokes was shining through today. I, on the other hand, was on the verge of breaking down. So, the last few weeks, I have been holding onto my tears. I have been stopping myself just at that tipping point. And today, I held on, through the call. But eventually I had to tell myself to just let it out. And it felt good to just let it out. I just felt much lighter.

He then actually asked us to share in under 60 seconds something, a thought, or a belief thats popularly believed to be true but actually isn’t true. So, basically talk about contradictions in less than 60 seconds. I had nothing to share. I was quite blank possibly because my emotional state was at an all time high. So, I was a blank slate.

But I thought I’ll give it a try now and see what comes to me. What is popularly believed but isn’t true in some or maybe all cases?

Reality is kinder than you think – When in actuality sometimes reality sucks big time.

Life is a rollercoaster ride when at times life is moving at a snails pace so forget a rollercoaster. You’re a tortoise who is inside her shell.

Start your day with a smile and you’ll have a superb day. I call this bull shit. Because you may have smiled in the morning but something happened during the day that messed up your day.

Work your ass off every single day and you will succeed. Another bull shit line we’ve all been taught.

Being innocent is over rated. Because what I have come to realise is being innocent can kill you. It can kill you so bad that you wont be able to find yourself again for a long time.

If you’re too serious, you don’t know how to have fun. Hah. I have heard this a lot on me because I am quite a serious person in many aspects of my life but I have also got people to roll on the floor laughing at my jokes.

I could come up with a few more but I think I am going to call it a day. My sleep is everything to me these days. People call me boring because I hit the sack by 9 PM these days.

Yours truly,

Miss Light

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