Meaning : the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings.

Another meaning : a person’s awareness or perception of something.

I first thought, as seen above, I’ll start with a definition from google. I do that quite a bit. Any word that I am not too convinced with, I first go on google and search for its meaning. Sometimes, not one but multiple meanings. Sometimes google satisfies my answer and sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, it doesn’t. The word consciousness in itself is such a heavy and deep word that a meaning so simple doesn’t do justice to it. That’s how I see it. I usually like to simplify things. Simplify explanations in my own head so it really penetrates my heart. I don’t see the point in textbook knowledge unless that knowledge touches my heart. I am sure this cant be applied in all cases. I mean, can physics, and geography and astrological science, the theories behind all of this, can they really cut through your heart? I might need to meet a physicist to see what he or she thinks about this view of mine. But coming back to consciousness. What is really consciousness? What is it to be conscious of things, people, experiences, life, just all of it?

So, recently I took a chance at explaining it to someone who asked a question on one of our groups, about what is the difference between consciousness and state of being. My teacher gave us his meaning on consciousness and state of being. He said, Consciousness is what is aware. State of being is how clear, cloudy, broad, narrow, stable or fluctuating that awareness is. And I said, Consciousness is what you are without your stories. State of being is your current state with all the anxieties, fears, mess, insecurities and so on. Consciousness is that inner state – the inner feeling you feel in between two breadths. It’s that ecstatic feeling you get for a split second and then it’s gone. It vanishes into thin air. State of being is what you are right now amidst all the chaos. My teacher said to me, “Well explained”. That sure felt good!

Oh and I just remembered, last year on Instagram I had told my teacher, what I felt consciousness is, this is what I said. “So basically, you cannot give a meaning to consciousness. Infact every time anyone has used the word I would keep asking myself, What is consciousness? What does it feel like? What does it look like? Do I really have it in me? It just feels like this super powerful word that everyone uses but maybe it all boils down to just being silent, being one with yourself, and listening to your inner voice.” And he said, That’s pretty accurate. Phew! That felt so good then.

So every time, my teacher validates us and says thats pretty good. That’s a good explanation. It feels so good. You feel like you’re finally getting it. Anyway, coming back to consciousness. I would like to see whats coming to me today. So, right now I see my daughter in front of me, she’s five years old. I see a part of me in her. I see myself in her. Sometimes, I see a whole lot of me in her. That’s consciousness for me. There are times these days, I close my eyes while I am in the car and if someone else is driving, for a split second I feel like I am being transported to another world, that’s consciousness for me. When I look into my father’s eyes, I see consciousness. When I look at my dead grandfather’s picture, I see consciousness. Infact, every time I looked at this picture, I felt consciousness. As I am writing this, I am feeling a bit shaky, a bit calm, I am feeling a wave of emotions passing through my entire being, that’s consciousness.

Can you tell me in the comments below? What does consciousness mean to you? I would love to know your take on this word.

Love and Blessings,

Miss Light

3 responses to “What is consciousness?”

  1. Brinder Rivi Avatar
    Brinder Rivi

    The state of you that says “I AM”


  2. hnair2005 Avatar

    The aware presence, which we are, which I am and to which we refer when we say ‘I am’. All appearances/apparent objects appear in consciousness, is known by consciousness and is made of consciousness.
    – courtesy Rupert Spira

    Here also is a Q&A that might help:'knowing%20of%20itself%20as,Rupert


    1. LightRosh Avatar

      Thank you Hari.


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