Image Streaming – A Powerful practice I did with my teacher, Nithya Shanti by Win Wenger.

So a few months ago, my teacher did a fun practice with us. It was called Image streaming. So this is what he did, he kept using different words and he asked us to see, feel, taste, hear everything that was coming to mind as he was saying those words and also talk it out loud. So, it’s basically not just visualising, it is also talking about whatever you’re seeing, tasting, feeling. For example, the sentences he used were Imagine a gigantic mirror in front of you, okay now Look 360 degrees, Imagine you’re an atomic particle, and now you’ve reached your destination, and now look beyond that destination and many more, which I don’t remember today. It was a 10-15 minute practice and it was the most exhilarating practice for me. I don’t know how and I still don’t know why. I go back to that recording multiple times to feel what I felt that day. Does this even make sense? Because feelings keep changing and what I felt that day, I may never feel again and so it’s pointless. But I still enjoy listening to myself. Listening to the excitement in my voice, seeing my teacher smile, and just hear all that I visualised as he kept talking. Can it be all a lie? I am not sure. But my feelings weren’t a lie that day. I can be sure of that. So the thing that shook me up that day was when I reached the end of the practice, my teacher said, “now you’ve reached your destination” and I saw an open field, it was a wide open field that was green and I saw my teacher standing there. In that moment I knew this was it. This was my path. It’s not like I didn’t know this before but the practice reinstated my belief that no matter what I’ll be learning from him, learning all that I can in this one lifetime I have been given. He has so much to offer that I wonder sometimes how will I learn so much in such less time. But thanks to online learning, I don’t have to be physically present with him. So after he said you’ve reached your destination, he said now look beyond and there wasn’t anything beyond for me. There was nothing. It was blank. It was just darkness. I can’t even describe this whole feeling I had that day. It was a deep, enriching, personal experience for me but one that changed my life forever. Every time I have connected with him, he’s challenged me, he’s shaken me up, he’s questioned my questions, he’s answered many, he’s dealt with my shit, and also a whole lot of love I have to offer him. For me, love has always been about the actions. I’ll show you how much I love you by what I do and not by what I say. And so I keep praying each day that I am able to live by his teachings and I am also able to give back to him in whatever way I can. I think I do a decent job but someday if you meet him or if I meet him, ask him.

You know on every zoom call, my teacher will say, I am not here to have followers, I am not here to have followers. Not realising the more he is saying this, the more followers he is getting. I could be wrong. But when he says it, I think to myself, just now you got one more follower. He tries his best for us to be independent and not dependent on his teachings but I think it’s not working. I don’t see it working either going forward. We all thrive on his teachings and his presence in our life. But who am I to make such statements? I could be so wrong or maybe just so right!

But I’ll tell you who I am. I am someone who would do anything to get his teachings to every person in every corner of the world given a chance. I am someone who would support him in his vision wholeheartedly without any vested interests. I am someone who can be there for him with no questions asked.

But again who am I to make these decisions? There is a higher power thats guiding me and I’ll just follow through. My teacher says, We are the happiest when we let the universe do it’s work through us.

Okay. I know you’re very curious to know who my teacher is. But let’s rest in this mystery, abide in this mystery, and enjoy what unfolds within me as we go along. He’s the most mysterious man you’ll ever meet and so I still plan on keeping his identity a secret. And as I do this you will discover so much about him and his teachings that you will be awestruck and I want you to be just that.

Love and blessings,

Miss Light 

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