So a thought that’s coming to me as I am walking today. These days when I am caught with a thought, it doesn’t leave me. I quickly try and find my phone to start writing. It grips me like nothing else in my life. So the thought that came to me was Am I dreaming? Are we dreaming? Is this world dreaming? Are all of just dreaming? If this is all a dream, is this all fucking a dream? Then when are we going to wake up? When? When? Does someone in some corner of this world have an answer to this? When are we going to wake up? Or are we just going to die living this dream every moment of this day, 24 hours a day, 30 days a month and 365 days of the year.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful dream. The best dream. The most fantastic dream. A dream where you’re the actor and you get to see the ups and downs of life and just laugh it off. You laugh it off because it’s a dream, for heavens sake. It’s not real. Nothing is real.

You might say, No. I can see things. I can touch things. I can feel things. I can hear things. Yes you’re right you can do all of that. But what if it’s all planted? What if it’s Gods biggest game plan and you’re being fooled to even think you’re playing the game. God is playing it and you’re acting it out.

I’ll leave you to think about what I just said. This time I’ll leave you with a song my teacher shared with all of us

Are we dreaming? By The hang Drum Social Club

This song inspired me to write what I just did. Only if you have a definite answer to my question. Comment below. If you don’t we can all just pretend we know things when in reality we don’t know a thing about life.

Until next time.

Yours truly,

Miss Light

3 responses to “Are we dreaming?”

  1. Brinder Rivi Avatar
    Brinder Rivi

    Must be a dream. If all we’ve believed till now has been shaken up :
    That we are not individuals – we are one
    That we are not solid, but vibrating particles
    That we are a unified field called love
    That we are energy not matter.
    That we are…
    That we are …


    1. LightRosh Avatar

      Beautifully written.


  2. hnair2005 Avatar

    Here are a couple of links that may provide an answer:


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