I know what you’re thinking. This girl has lost it! But there is a song like this. It’s quite a funky song. But today, I am back again to talk about LOVE. Yes, you heard that right. Love. Thanks to my teacher and his meditation this morning. I thought why not? Let’s do one more deep dive into this topic. He speaks about Love and Connection simultaneously, like they are one and the same thing. But I have decided to not see it as one and the same thing and instead question this assumption that Love and Connection is the same thing. That it can be felt with everyone and everything around us. He also never spoke about the intensity of love and connection with people and things. I feel thats a very important thing to ponder upon. I can be connected to a hundred different things but that connection differs depending on the thing right. Some products require more electricity and some products require less. Why? So similarly, some people and things need more connection and some don’t and thats the way it is. So, which type of person are you? It’s really important to figure this out. Are you someone who can survive with just a little bit of connection and love or do you need a whole lot of it to survive? Do you thrive on love and connection with things and people or do you just need the bare minimum? It comes down to the basic question of who are you really? What are you made of? This is a serious question you must ask yourself. What kind of love and connection do you really need? Once you know this, go find it. Because it is there somewhere waiting to find you. I am not only talking about the fairy tale love but the love between two strangers, the connection between two strangers, the love between your clothes and you, the connection between your jewellery and you, the love between you and your pet, the connection between you and your child, and of course, the love between man and woman. The love and connection that brings sparkles into your life, lights you up, gives you butterflies, makes you want to to do all the crazy things for that one person because you feel, breathe this person and isn’t this love the most beautiful of all? It’s a love where you’re willing to give your life not expecting anything in return. It’s a love and connection with zero expectations. My teacher spoke about being in a state of flow, which he referred to as impermanence, change. Love is changing, yes it is, every moment of the day it is. There are times when you love someone so much and there are times when you don’t and that’s totally fine. What’s not fine is expecting to be loved a certain way? Expecting to feel connected a certain way? That’s wrong. You either have it or you don’t. It is what it is. You can’t force a connection with someone. Nor can you force someone to have a connection with you. Yes, you can learn to love someone but that love will have limits. I am not really sure where I am going with my writing today because this is such a deep topic and I feel so strongly about it. I have never been able to take it lightly. I question my love and connection towards certain people. I question why I love someone more and someone less. I question why I don’t feel a certain connection with someone and with someone I feel I am connected at a soul level. Who is deciding all this for me? Am I deciding this? or again is this being decided for me? and I am just following. There is a super natural power thats working for all of us and we don’t know how its affecting every moment of our lives. Do we really have free will to decide who we want to be connected with and love? or Is it pure destiny? I would think it’s a mix of both. For me all my life, it’s been both, I take charge of my life and life happens for me the way it’s supposed to happen and I accept it eventually. Sometimes it’s in my favour and sometimes it’s not and that’s fine. But let’s come back to being in a state of love and connection. The most fundamental aspect of human life. Don’t let this be taken away from you. Build it, nurture it, embrace it, and see your life transform. I’ll leave you with a thought from my teacher, lets see whats coming to mind.

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. NS


Amor Fati

The attitude of loving your fate.

Loving the way this life is choosing to unfold forever, beyond your absolute control.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light

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