So, I am part of a community, a very special, secretive community. You know what happens in this community? We create magic! Yes, you heard that right. We create magic every single day. It’s a magical, powerful, soulful, artful, sinful, joyful, trustful place to be. Okay, that’s it. Since it’s my first blog I don’t think I want to give you all the information about this community. You’ll know more as we go along. And in the community there is one super human. Or should I say super super human. He helps us create the magic. He’s the thread to our kites that soar high in the sky. He’s the lyrics to our song. He’s the water to our waves. Okay I don’t know about the last part. I am trying to be poetic these days but I am failing miserably. But yes, I know you’re curious to know who am I? Who am I really? What am I here to do? Write one more blog in the millions of blogs that are already there. Well, yes that’s what I am here to do. I could be one in a million. We will see that as things unfold. Honestly, this community that I am part of, I share so much that I think I am shaking that entire platform. So I think the WWW is ready for it now.

But back to the question who am I? I am a wondrous, crazy, wacky, annoying, loving, caring, troublesome, friendly human. Maybe a few more but for now, you can live with this little explanation of who I am. There is a lot more to me. So much that you will need any entire lifetime to learn and who knows you’ll want to stick around so long. Most people can’t handle me for too long and keep vanishing. Let’s see where this relationship with all of you takes me. The question who am I really? I’ll answer next time.

Until then, have a stupendously amazing day! Be alive! Just be!

Ps. I would like to thank a special person, no names will be given here. We are an anonymous community of sorts. But this person encouraged me to start this blog a while ago and I just jumped into it. So thank you anonymous person!

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